Ivanchuk-Grischuk, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 27th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Ivanchuk eventually lost on time.


  1. when I first saw it I had the same thought but the other guy made the same move at 00:43, so I checked Wikipedia ,they call it Castling.

  2. Ivanchuk… how about you calm the fuck down

  3. I think Ivanchuk blundered with pawn to f5.

  4. 6:20 f5, i think should be better put king on g3, but the time pressure is just insane

  5. 6:12 Грищук мог сыграть Rc2 вместо Rc4. Спокойно бы выигрывал крайнюю пешку и игра бы уже пошла намного проще, как я думаю

  6. Ok…the logo at the beginning representing something with the word "vibe" in it…couldn't have been a accident…

  7. handshake in the start?is there something between them?

  8. Another reason why we all love Chucky.He's a nervy kid in a man's body.hehehe

  9. Fischer would hav killed these two.the best blitz player ever

  10. I can see him saying Okay in his mind.. amazing player

  11. I miss watching these types of games… Nice and quiet, only really hearing the sounds of the pieces moving and the tapping of the clock. Now everything is commentated over and over analyzed mid-game; its kind of annoying.

  12. Grischuk looked so clean and healthy in those days. Not like nowadays

  13. Василий Михайлович и Саша = классики современности.
    Браво обоим гроссмейстерам за шахматы.

  14. Grischuk played smartly with a symmetrical and drawish set up so thet Chucky would burn time trying to unbalance the positon and even make a bad move like N3a4 at 3:17.

  15. believe it or not but i just love Ivanchuk..💓💓

  16. The Chucky only lost the game because he wanted to analize the entire game in the last four seconds. If he would have five seconds remaining, he would win, but with all due respect to Grischuk's game and skills.

  17. Одноглазый Любитель Шахмат says:

    приятно смотреть за такой игрой. Спасибо!

  18. зіграли два українця у шахи 🙂

  19. Would like to see more of this player Ivanchuk. He is my goto player I admire most. Second is Praggnanandhaa. My top two favorite chess players. Both so different. But one one of them will be world champion in the future. Guess who.

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