Is a 3300 Blitz Rating Even Possible on

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  1. Um, dois, três, quatro, fofo kkkkkkkkk.

  2. Show me the money my friend , whats your next move 😂😂. Naka 🔥

  3. I've been watching this guy's matches for a couple weeks now. Only saw his name and assumed that he obviously was some sophisticated Japanese Chess dude. First time I hear him talk, in the greatest american accent, "How are you so good at chess, holy shit" absolutely MIND blown

  4. lol @ the Kyle Bass call out, you are clearly still on your finance stuff huh?

  5. The virus is a sign from god. The days of the boomers are numbered the meek zoomers shall rise up and claim this planet. REEEEEEEEEEE

  6. Wow 3300 😱😱😱, eres el mejor
    GM Hikaru.

  7. Deberías Hablar más seguido el Español Hikaru

  8. Beating a 3100+ by a score of 9.0 to 1.0. I mean… 😳

  9. I would never want to be next to a chess player in war… They would try to resign at the earliest thought of defeat…

  10. Don't stop me now…😃greate taste.

  11. Has Naka played Zhigalko on after the incident? Hahaha if not, that would be funny 😂

  12. What rating was Fedoseev at beginning and to the end?

  13. Vladimir Fedoseev is the unsung hero in these games.

  14. I wonder if Hikaru still takes lessons or just brushes up on theory.

  15. I dont't know who comes up with these thumbnails.

  16. congratulations on 3300 Hikaru,hope you´ll celebrate 100k subscribers soon!

  17. That poor clickety clicker! Chess etiquette obviously does not translate to IT etiquette. Congrats on 3300


  19. Gm why not use your brilliant iq on scientific research, math or something else you love? Doesn't chess get boring after a while

  20. brilliant chess and editing

  21. Is there any good moves written on the ceiling?

  22. A superGM playing chess and showing off his great talent, and only 663 likes? Why? Just because he is not doing a stupid slime video? That is not fair! Come on folks! Share and like and subscribe. Naka is one of the greatest talents on this planet!!!

  23. Hikaru is so good when he beats 2900GMs he only gets 2 points !

  24. "I wasted my life on this stupid board game." Whoa.

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