Increase Your Lichess Rating | HIGH LEVEL Blitz Chess With Simon

2700!? 2800 here we come! Chess blitzing on LiChess
Straight-up 3-minute blitz action!
Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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Chess Stream #138 2700!? 2800 here we come! Chess blitzing on LiChess


  1. SW ma main man and favourite chess player! Love watching yer vids.. Ive laughed so much during this one. Cheers, sir 👍🏼

  2. Саймон!! Блокируй читеров на личесс!!!

  3. When your chair back blends into your t-shirt, it looks like you have some kind of ninja hooded robe. Nice.

  4. 2700 is very strong. I'm aiming for 3000+ by the end of 2022. Watching this channel can definitely help achieve the goal.

  5. You know what they say… Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. 😜

  6. I play like Simon, 25 minutes in , lost all games.

  7. 18:14 Could you not just have won the queen in exchange for your 2 knights? Edit: It is A Queen and a Bishop for two knights even, it seems.

  8. Seems to me it's very hard to play to the highest level while talking the audience through each game. Must be worth 100 elo points at Simon's level, at least. Basically he's doing two jobs at once. My supreme focus on the sole task of winning has catapulted me to 1600.

  9. Absinthe, a drink of choice. hahaha. That is insane. I will be a subscriber for life for that comment. 🤣

  10. 17:21 why not Nxg6? you had say it was a possible move just a few seconds earlier

  11. Should this be changed to “decrease” your rating? (Lol, j/k and teasing, love ur videos.)

  12. Its not really the talking that makes you play inaccuricies. Its when you read the chat and time ticks away. You lose too much time and focus in the early game while reading through comments. Then you talk your way back into the game.

  13. it seemed like u were playing better when telling a story

  14. Dude looks like a Stonehenge druid with the black shirt and chair. Best chess youtuber

  15. i really like the way you explaining all off the move.. make me understanding very well

  16. Around 18:25, did he not have a royal fork in the position on f6? After the bishop takes the knight, the other knight takes back and forks the king, queen, and rook.

  17. Second game H pawn could have been taken g pawn was pinned

  18. The ginger is hustling. Pumping those videos! Love it

  19. 20:58 this phone call was me. Wanted to tell Simon that his play is a pile of crap.

  20. 2nd game u had his h pawn with ur rook

  21. 18:13 Ndc6+ tactic in forking the king and queen twice in row?

  22. Always time well spent with you Simon. Love from Denmark

  23. I can rarely be on Twitch, so always wait for your title Tuesday or equivalent videos. Keep up the fantabulous work 👌

  24. 22:50 I hate applying for jobs because it means they might randomly call you during the week and I'll finally have no choice but to answer the phone. Feels like I'm selling my soul. I just wish everything could be done on email. They can email me and say "Hey, can I call you at 2pm Tuesday?". Then I can have a week to prepare

  25. Simon your videos have helped me more than anything else. Your tip about "narrate the purpose of each move to yourself". I talk about my moves which makes me look mental but my rating has been going up

  26. That intro is incredibonkers. It should be on every video ever

  27. OMG Missing the obvious….At 18:08 Simon had a family fork on c6 with either knight taking and then the second knight retaking after the Bishop defends. The Queen was his to take. I know Eris would never have missed it. I think I could beat Simon 6 out of 10 games every time. Missing the obvious ???

  28. Delay with your speech showed up in the tromp video

  29. Hmmmm you are good teacher no doubt but quite weak GM.

  30. Can anyone explain to me why he didn't move at 18:21 Nc6+, Bxc6, Nxc6+ and he got his queen? What am I missing?

  31. Your my down home with your commentary, even when you lose. I went to school with one of your fellow gms Ben Finegold. Good contrasting commentary with your style.

  32. Shouting at the screen for missed ops in this one!

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