I Challenged the World Blitz Chess Champion Grandmaster | Dina vs MVL in Paris

Grandmaster MVL trashtalks me at chess

In this video, Woman Grandmaster Dina Belenkaya’s opponent is none other than Grandmaster Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, the current World Blitz Chess champion and winner of the Grand Chess Tour in Bucharest. If that wasn’t enough, they are both in the beautiful Les Invalides, in Paris, a French Military Museum and tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. You can’t usually see MVL trash talking while playing chess, so here is a great treat for you.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Game 1
06:33 Game 2
11:31 Game 3

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  1. 'One minute is plenty of time' hubba hubba MVL

  2. Clearly you don't watch Agadmator. MVL plays the Sicilian against e4 like 99% of the time. Great match by the way.

  3. Great games Dina with MVL. Last game very impresive winning over a much higher rated player as MVL. Thanks for sharing

  4. 2:27 "I don't want to make any weaknesses so a6", proceeds to weaken b6

  5. 11:09 Given the casual nature of the challenge, and being low on time, it was impressive to see that stalemate from MVL

  6. Ничего не понял, но очень интересно.

  7. just an incredible video! congratulations

  8. 9:33 "I like rrrrussian" 😉 I also like Russian but I can´t understand a single letter…

  9. With a novice question, why didn't she take kf7 with her king?

  10. wtf she looks like "Press4Power"the girl that does reaction of italian rappers

  11. It's not true. Current world blitz champion is Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France as Carlsen is unseated.

  12. WGM Dina is so gorgeous :3 Hope everyone is having an excellent week so far; hope everyone has a rest of the week as well! Saludos de México, stay safe and take care!

  13. ‘You wanna mate’
    ‘I don’t… need to know what I want’
    This guy is pro player 3000

  14. Chess players have this idea that trash talking is interesting. It's not. They're not talking about science or economics or literature. It's just a bunch of taunting and the nature of the taunting is extremely repetitive.. I quit chess for 30 years because of the players. Paul Morphy said: "The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play well is the sign of a WASTED LIFE."

  15. The Grandmaster's voice and the way he speaks English with his thick French accent sounds very much like Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther series performed by the legendary Peter Sellers.

  16. MVL qui sort la française alphazéro vladesque BakiS

  17. He was in it to win it lol good man. I wish she showed this type of personality when she does her interviews.

  18. Have you had a date with him after the games? 🙂

  19. I cant believe that after Dina who loss to Alexandra Botez in 2021 just beat a high rated grandmaster ! This is rubbish !!!

  20. I'm surprised he doesn't lose just to get her to stop talking.

  21. Спасибо за видео, Дина. В интернете шахматам на русском как раз не хватает подобного контента. Есть разборы и стримы. Парочка мастеров реально разбавляют подачей и гораздо интересней смотреть. Но ни разу не видел чтобы мастера и гроссы играли друг с другом лично. Ближе к подобному знаю лишь Максима Омариев. А так. Ну хоть хватает английского для понимания.

  22. How would you like to wake up to that every morning?

  23. At 11:00 was rxf8 not the best move??…then she will just be down two pawn and be able to flag him

  24. Would subscribe if you did a tiny bit of analysis

  25. @dina / @maxime : c'est quoi cette horloge cool ?

  26. because you beat him in one game i will follow you no matter he 1 min and you 5 good jop girl you give him some lessons in chess …bravoo:)

  27. Would love to see a mixed match chess boxing 😍

  28. MCL man. he is strong. politely cuts then asks if you are ok so he can complete the job. fantastic. classy assasin.

  29. Woah that demonstration of the possible mate at the end was sick!

  30. Hello Dina, great content!
    I am curious about the chess clock used in this video; do you mind sharing a link of where I can get it?

  31. You too like me love to play as Black I see

    Most of your videos you’re doing that, I noticed 😊

  32. Put the virtual board in the middle. Nobody gives a shit about the ugly building in the background bro

  33. @3:48, you say j'adoube when adjusting. It sounds like you pronounce an "ah" sound at the end. Is the the right way to say it? I have just stopped with the "b" not pronouncing any sound after that … like Zha Doob…. Not a french speaker here, so am genuinely curious about the correct pronunciation.

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