I Broke Chess With ENDLESS PAWNS in FPS Chess

I’m going to need an army if I want to take on @InternDotGif in another game of FPS Chess, so I’ve decided to raise an army of ENDLESS PAWNS! Who will win?

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Play an ordinary game of chess against a friend or a stranger.

However, all your intricate strategies will crumble before the enemy rook’s sniper trick-shot.
All your practiced openings and counters will amount to nothing before the enemy queen’s randomly sprayed machine gun.
You finally checkmate the king. Unfortunately, it seems you are not ready for this fight. 5 seconds in and you’ve been sliced in half by the king’s sword.
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  1. “We survived first assault, now we just need pepper”

    I watch this channel not for the videos

    I watch it for the jokes 😂

  2. The move made at 3:16 is called "En Pasant" its a french chess move. Blits decribed it perfectly, just did not know the name so i figured i would say it here.

  3. :If your happy and you know it kill your best friend. : I'm your best friend🥹

  4. Imagine getting En passant in the Chess FPS.

  5. this game kinda sucks honestly, just spam E ability with knight and u win

  6. On what platforms can I get fps chess?

  7. now when intern said "a little pvp"
    did he mean pawn versus pawn or player versus player?

  8. Hello.Blitz u made my Day every Day when I was wathcing your videos. I Really hope I will become such a good and cool Youtuber like u someday.

  9. U guys can now unleash your anger onto each other in chess

  10. When will they work out the colour of the text after a battle shows the winner?

  11. The pieces are called pawn, horse = knight, castles=rook and i think you know the rest

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