Humpy beats Tan Zhongyi to win Silver at World Blitz 2022 Women

GM Koneru Humpy (2474) has won Bronze at World Rapid 2012 and Gold at World Rapid 2019 Women. However, she is yet to win a medal at World Blitz Women’s event. In the final round of World Blitz 2022 Women, she was up against one of the tournament leaders, GM Tan Zhongyi (CHN, 2510) in the final round 17. Humpy must win to secure a medal. If she wins and Harika beats Bibisara then Humpy clinches Gold, if Harika draws, Humpy plays tiebreaks with the defending champion, IM Bibisara Assaubayeva (KAZ). Can Humpy beat Tan in the crucial final round game? Check out this exciting encounter featuring QGD Lasker’s Defence.

Replay the game

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Silver is a good achievement but if she won gold that would be a different feeling for her

  2. Humpy's a really great player, that was a surprisingly nice game to watch.

  3. Ban these china weirdos and have a red carpet for King Karjakin

  4. Excellent game but who won first place?????

  5. Humpy Koneru is a fine lady of great poise and dignitas, brilliant yet unprepossessing, and one of India's strongest grandmasters. I admire.

  6. Whenever I see Humpy play I get reminded of that brilliant armageddon against Monica Socko from Poland in the Online Chess Olympiad

  7. Brilliant play after having to give up Queen for two rooks

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