How To Win Chess in 2 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess in 2 moves!

This two move checkmate only works if your opponent moves their pieces in a certain way…but if they do…you’re in good shape!

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  1. To bad it only works if opponent is like -1000 rating

  2. The only time i saw someone do this is the jschlatt video

  3. this is exactly what happened to schlatt

  4. Bishop: i got you homie
    Ik the bishop will die and thats checkmate

  5. My cousin was so dominent until I won against him with this

  6. Another way to win as white. 1. e4 e5 2. ke2 and they resign

  7. You can also win with white if you move the pawn (on kings side) one or two spaces and then the opponent moves the pawn in front of bishop then you won cus you bring your queen to H5 checkmate

    To understand better: move your pawn to E4 or E3 and then if your opponent moves his pawn to F6 or F5 you move your queen to H5 and checkmate

  8. “this only works if your opponent is a dumbass”***

  9. Who the hell moves their pawn to F3

  10. i didn’t know the queen could jump over the pawn 😅

  11. only person dumb enough to do this is jschlatt

  12. Step one play against an absolute idiot

  13. How to win in Chess in 0 Moves!!!:
    Step 1: Make your opponent quit

  14. Alternate title: How to lose chess in 2 moves

  15. Is it me or was that more than just 2 moves

  16. Someone did this to me in Roblox Chess💀💀 I cant believe someone actually uses that move

  17. No one is stupid enough to make the moves White made.

    What a waste of time, watching this.

  18. That move I try it with my bro and it didn't work :for noobs

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