How to Learn the Most From Your Blitz Games!

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  1. Even in french you are pronouncing the word repertoire wrong, google the french pronunciation and you will see it's almost the same as in english

  2. IMHO playing blitz is a good idea no matter what for a beginner-beginner (cos he's gonna meet so many new basic tactical patterns)

  3. You pronunciation of "repertoire" is perfect !

  4. the funny thing is that in french repertoire is still not being pronounced correctly

  5. Thanks a lot. I’ve used ChessBase to store my lines since CB 5. My strengths have changed since trying to come back. I’m playing new defenses. I was a Dutch specialist for 15-20 years. Now I playing a combination of lines based around the Semi-Slav, I answer Bg5 with Nbd7 heading into Cambridge Springs territory. More often than not white plays the exchange QGD. I’m not sure if I should break my lines into separate databases. Right now it’s a single 1 d4 d5 file. It’s getting huge. Great video. Thanks again.

  6. I’m wondering. Around how many moves deep should a player try to build his trees. Hypothetically let’s say he is an old player whose rating peaked at 2174 YEARS ago but now after a long layoff is playing closer to 1600 judging from G30 training games I played last weekend.

  7. If you play a blitz game on and you play 3 book moves and then on the 4th move it is classed as 'best' – what is the difference between book move and best move?

  8. Is it possible to create a database of opening variations (as shown by Coach Andras in this excellent video) using a Lichess Study?

  9. Andras' videos are such consistent high quality content.

  10. Always appreciate the information. I would one day like to be developed enough as a player that I can play blitz, but basically any time I try playing it even for fun I just feel like there's a sheet hanging over my monitor and Im seeing the board through it.

  11. I'm a simple man – I see an educational video of Andras, I "like" it

  12. Damn imagine watching this insane analysis and being like nah I’ll play the London lol

    Jokes aside some of the stuff you’ve showed us in the 6.Bc4 Najdorf is so beautiful thanks a lot.

  13. Blitz is good for:

    Bad for:

  14. Yes, Blitz is kind of a repertoire stresstest

  15. Love the way you say repertoire! The best way to say it 😁

  16. To suppress the move evaluations from the chess board display in Chess-dot-com, click on the "Self Analysis" check box in the "Analysis" tab/window. Love your stuff. Keep on producing videos. I look forward to every one.

  17. @ChessCoach Andras, would you ever consider doing a video on the Old Indian Defense? This defense is disfavored at the highest levels, but for club players like me, it seems to be a sound opening for Black; and the fact that it's unpopular means that there's a surprise element that might be to Black's advantage when playing similarly-rated opponents. Your thoughts?

  18. I put off playing blitz for long time because I wanted to make sure I had time to think. I finally started playing and I honestly think it's made me worse, it's made me impatient and impulsive with my moves. Now I have to consciously get rid of that blitz mentality. Just my 2 cents. Still fun to jump into an arena occasionally.

  19. Andras, please let me know what is ur attitude towards 10+0 time control?

  20. Americans pronounce "repertoire" the same way, except the emphasis is on the first syllable as opposed to the second

  21. Andras what is the minimum time control that you think you can learn more from the game, as opposed to blitz where you mentioned it is only good for opening repertoire.

  22. I subscribed based on how you say "repertoire" alone. The fact that your content and method of instruction is next level is a bonus! Thanks for doing what you do, it's helped this late-in-life chess newbie to begin to think more deeply about why I make/made the moves I do/did (even if my rating doesn't reflect it yet!)

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