How good is the bishop pair? GM Eric Hansen plays BLITZ chess

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  1. To go to heaven you need to repent by turning from sin and trust in Jesus. Christians go to hell but disciples go to heaven.

  2. Rule number 1.first I press like then I watch the video.

  3. "uploaded 41 seconds ago"

    HYPEEEEEEE I finally caught one

  4. What happend with the team match when is it

  5. Literally uploaded 13 minutes ago, the video is 18 minutes long and already 2 dislikes. Ouch

  6. Eric, have you ever played rainbow six siege?

  7. I feel the fact I have never seen him have any Tim hortons means he isn’t really Canadian

  8. This channel is so relaxing and filled with good vibes and intelligent people.

  9. 7:48 Bxf8 then rook or king takes and then f4 and knight is trapped

  10. You can tell Eric was texting a female prospect in the beginning of this video by how handsome and rational he makes himself appear throughout it. lmao. been there.

    good content as always.

  11. 10:18 I heard my name and my heart skipped a beat lmao I forgot I subbed to you that day 😂 also it is pronounced "Hood Zo-Ka-Gay"

  12. Anyone got the link to the vod when he plays csgo?

  13. Ive been introduced to chess throught this channel .. i used to be 700 now i am 1732 in one year .. grateful

  14. How good are (were) you at these fps games Eric? And obviously you follow some PUBG, but say Worlds, TI or a CS major, would you have a little watch of a few games?

  15. thumbnail eric: smiling like a billionair
    real eric: sad like sitting friday night

  16. Imagine Eric stuck with League and went pro.

  17. Chessbrah for life, you guys my favorite!

  18. me, when playing an IM: complete undivided attention, hoping for a lucky win
    eric playing an IM: "hope this is an easier opponent, we'll see"

  19. 15:49 what do u think of rxd5 followed by rxg5 ? If takes back qa2# Does it work or I missed something?
    Edit: he can just exchange queens but isn’t that winning anyway?

  20. “He’s on some horse meat” LOL at the Ubereem reference

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