Hikaru Takes Blitz Chess To Another Level

​Hikaru Nakumura is at it again! This time, Chess Grand master and commentating beast @DanielNaroditskyGM dives into @GMHikaru ‘s match against the ever-dynamic Vladimir Fedoseev in the 2022 World Blitz Championship.

Check out the game:

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  1. No handshake 😆 , bigfish still mad for online blitz? Anyways, great commentary by Danya, BUT, if this would be live would be 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Hikaru literally sees all these tactics and calculates so quickly that I (an average viewer) can't keep up

  3. damn I wish every time I was recommended a new video on nakamura it wasn't actually footage from over a year ago with the date conveniently left out of the title.

  4. Magnus after watching knife sacrifice, Good job Nakamura now I can leave.

  5. This was one boring game. Nothing special.

  6. I played with someone from NORTH KOREA💀

  7. I love how Hikaru moves his pieces very fast 😆

  8. After e5, Magnus left knowing the game was over

  9. insane tactics holy shit i usually see stuff but damn i didnt see any of these tactics till he played them

  10. Plz upload these kind of videos regularly. With Daniels commentary it makes not only entertaining but informative too.

  11. Magnus and naka are just gifted to see moves very quick

  12. Legendary comentary by Daniel and great game by Naka

  13. what is that song in the outro, thats awesome

  14. 0:09 he is calculating next 39 moves but will only play Bc4

  15. 2:53 ''I go here, takes, takes, takes if I take, he takes, takes, I go here, he goes here, takes, takes…nevermind I'll just castle.

  16. the best site for son of bitch cheaters

  17. Phenomenal commentaries from Danya! And what a game by Hikaru, surgical.
    Thx for the upload

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