Hikaru Shows Why He’s A Blitz Chess God

Speed chess legend Hikaru Nakamura faces a challenge from strong Armenian grandmaster Haik Martirosyan at the 2022 World Blitz Championship! Join @DanielNaroditskyGM as he breaks down what makes @GMHikaru so powerful when it comes to blitz chess.

Check out the game: .

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  1. Why call mere human a God? Is stockfish better than god?

  2. That's not naroditsky, he's got curly hair, this guys got straight black hair.

  3. T=7:06 Calling 50 seconds 15 seconds even got me nervous for Hikaru for a moment.

  4. I wonder when i will be able to play chess in my country

  5. Ppl think not being champion changes anything. pfft

  6. Danya's commentary tho. Nobody does it better

  7. Blitz “ god “ who has 0 world blitz titles

  8. Hikaru is NOT human. He has refused to have an autopsy performed on several occasions! What is he hiding ?

  9. Hikaru sees it all the way to the end, using every piece. The final N move was crushing; not easy to find in seconds.

  10. GM Naro, say NO to ESPN if they call you name. Stay in Chess! 😁

  11. Thank you GM Daniel for keeping making these videos.

  12. God with 0 world blitz titles. Guess that makes me a god as well then.

  13. U can feel the squeeze. Average threemove calculation follows each move. I guess it takes Hikaru one sec, and Martyrosian 1,5. Practise, experiance and talent. Personally I think I need 5 sec. Wait a minute? Cocaine !!!! Did U know that the average user of cocaine earns 60 000 dollars per year?

  14. If chess hearts this I will spent 12 straight hours playing chess

  15. I very much enjoy the running Anish Giri theme/meme. This guys everywhere

  16. Blitz God is not the blitz world champion lmao 😂🤣

  17. Stream speak itself for this game

  18. GM Daniel Naroditsky might be the most intelectual and the most eloquent chess player on the planet.

  19. unfair advantage to put a wild appearing magnus carlsen in the background for extra distraction.

  20. Naroditsky is rated 4238 in blitz commentary.

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