Hikaru Nakamura vs Alireza Firouzja | Final (Winners Brackets) | Bullet Chess Championship 2023 |

Bullet Chess 1+0
GM hikaru vs GM firouzja2003 | chess.com | July 20 , 2023

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  1. Is that really alireza? Like a second amount?

  2. My opinion: firouzja deserved to win .. he is just young and cannot manage his stress in critical moments .. hikaro is way more experienced..

  3. hikaru is a beast in bullet, congrats for the win

  4. Magnus going to loser stage 😂😂😂😂

  5. Irans shhet suucked from USA!Congr Hicaru!!Thanx for beating barbarian for UKRAINE!!

  6. 20 Min geschaut – da wirst du ja blöde und Schach ist dann gewiss nix für Gehirntraining, sondern eher ein Grund in der Klapsmühle zu landen…

  7. @alirezafiruzja You were like the ghrád when you started, too bad you didn't make it even though you deserved it

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