Hikaru Nakamura on Magnus Carlsen MATCH in World Blitz Chess Championship 2022

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  1. And magnus won with only 30 seconds after being late

  2. Did he just say it's 9000 degrees in the playing hall? Not a 100 degrees, not 1000, but 9000. This man thinks different from the rest of us!

  3. Carlssen wasn´t concern about losing time at the beggining because he knew that the game would finish in draw easely.

  4. The guy have the most large microphone in history and still sound low when he talk 😔🧐

  5. Isn't Giri winning the bigger story this happens once every 5 years

  6. i'll talk abt it on my stream……good move Hikaru

  7. So the playing hall is hot as fuck, but FIDE is forcing these players to put their formal attire on with coats etc??? How about FIDE first finding a comfortable environment for these players first before demanding such controversial things?

  8. Yeah yeah boring boring but he won , opinions are Just opinions facts Will remain

  9. Kazakhstan, Almaty city weather -4°C, so why he is saying is hot in playing hall?

  10. Nine thousand degrees!! ….just chill dude…and play on

  11. I’ll talk about it on the stream once the event is over ez viewership farming

  12. He's probably the most unlikable personality in the chess world

  13. Nakamura, knows how to make friends ! He is not very pleased with the tournament.

  14. Firouzja could be the winner if he participated by the French Chess Federation did not arrange it apparently

  15. IT's OVER 9000! – Thanks for that Hikaru.

  16. Chess needs some things to make it popular and interesting.
    1. Better interviewers. Chess needs an Ariel Helwani
    2. Stop with the proper nonsense, "Dress Code" come on
    3. Trash talk needs to happen both on and off the board, and mic the players, this would add an element of mental fotitude but more importantly it would make it interesting for the fans.
    4. There needs to be a chess superstar, in order to make that you need to not be so proper, and trash talk needs to happen.
    5. Fewer draws, maybe play till a win if a draw happens restart the game and the draw doesn't count, this would change the way people play, and make it more aggressive.

  17. Well good thing it's not OVER 9000° in the playing hall…

  18. Nakimura really did not want to do the interview. Wanted to get someplace cooler asap.

  19. By 9000 degrees, he probably meant the total IQ of that room?! 😂

  20. These guys talk to the media nearly every day and many have YT or Social Media followings….sometimes theyre really bad at communicating. Not saying specifically or directed only at Hikaru.

  21. Hikaru looks a bit ill, which probably has to do with the conditions of the playing hall.

  22. hikaru is the ultimate streamer breed: goblin in person, chad on stream

  23. i dont understand how people watch this guy's streams by the thousands. I dont care how good he is at chess, my doorknob has a more fun personality.

  24. It seems that people are wondering: why does he seem to be in such a bad mood? Because it's apparently extremely hot and uncomfortable in the playing hall, and he feels perfectly free to say so directly without pretending that everything is okay. He also thinks the dress code is ridiculous, and here he was being polite by declining to say so directly (he's not going to lie just to be polite) and asking those who really want to know what he thinks to see what he says on his own stream or his re-caps. His tolerance for BS is at a very low level since he knows he's no longer beholden to FIDE for his livelihood–in contrast to most of the other top professional players.

    If you look around on YouTube, you'll see that there are plenty of videos of him being friendly and polite to TV interviewers at tournaments, even after bad days–which this certainly was not. And for those who wonder why so many people watch his stream, it's because he can be very upbeat, friendly, personable, and entertaining for hours and hours on end, and really enjoys interacting with his subscribers. Have a look some time if you doubt it. But you should also expect him to say what he really thinks about issues and personalities without sugar-coating (or, to be honest, much effort at diplomacy), so if that kind of bluntness doesn't appeal to you, no need to watch.

  25. Fast speakers (unordered): Naka, Giri, Svidler.

  26. Just trying to provoke him to say something controversial is kinda lame.

  27. The room temp has the highest elo of the tournament, impressive

  28. The man gas the right to complain about conditions, why not, without any further justification. By the way if the game was boring, It was boring why ask about it

  29. Naka looks perpetually annoyed with every interview lol

  30. The difference between Magnus and some others. Magnus never blames his losses on extra chessic things such as tournament hall temp or his opponent wearing some sexy dress 👗or boxers. He always blames it on his poor performance and/or opponent's good play. If Naka loses, then it's because of some urinal being blocked, because of water being served in red coloured bottles or something else. Wtf. Also, the fact that he's still alive and talking in spite of the hall temp being '9000' degrees means he's a big liar 😅😅

  31. Never trust a person whose gums are showing when he's smiling.

  32. Every Chess game is boring lol.Thats the idea

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