Hikaru Nakamura Makes A Blitz Chess Challenge: 50 Games

Hikaru Nakamura makes an attempt at 50-0 in blitz chess against his FM opponent! Can he hold up as fatigue sets in?

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  1. Why does everybody play with the same theme board


    and you are fucked 🙂 Lmao

  3. 2:26:55 "He can't move his bishop, 'cause it's mate."

    Moves his bishop! 😀

  4. fireflasher is a real hero how can you not rage quit

  5. My microwave oven is not nearly big enough for the popcorn I'll need for this

  6. Plz lower the trebble in your microphone

  7. This video should be flagged as age restricted.

  8. You rock Hikaru btw. Glad I subscribed. Excellent!

  9. playing till morning on redbull can't be healthy

  10. this guy really is masochist he went down to play the full match and lose every single game

  11. If you are going to lose against Naka you might as well make a dirty Lefong try.

  12. Besicly I watch 8 hours of Hikaru chess.I thing i am the biggest fun 😀

  13. "Nd6 is a wierd move, is he trying to get his knight traped?? " 24:45 hahahaha

  14. Imagine a 4 player Chess game with GM Nakamura & GM Hammer
    GM Hansen and GM Caruana ……..Thats Right !
    Very Exciting …..put in a cash prize like 5000$ to get their interest ….
    Time control 5+5 .
    Winning Team takes All ….should get plenty of interest !

  15. I'd love to sit and watch you play, but the commentary is so, so, like so, like, so, so like, like, like so, so, so bad.
    Any chance you could make a video without "so" and "like" every other word in the future?

  16. 10-0 is called adopting, not sure if there's a saying for 50-0.

  17. Loved hearing you speak Italian! Non e chiara! But I'm sure it's quite "chiara" to you, non e vero, huh Mr. Nakamura? =P

  18. is this channel handled by Hikaru himself?

  19. If I have a score of 50 – 0 against Hikaru I would still play the 51st game cause u get so much to learn

  20. I'm at 2:00:30 and this stream is simply amazing! Naka is a beast 🔥🔥🔥

  21. This is the best thing on internet for me right now, that's saying much… great show!!!

  22. Lol when Naka started saying tickle i lost my shit

  23. he said fireflashed was listening to the stream mid game lol

  24. Wow. What crazy chess instinct. He plays so many uncalculated moves with success. Very impressive

  25. Heck, I'm no FM but pretty sure I could have scored a few draws out of 50 games.

  26. 50 – 0 !! No F'in way!! I couldn't imagine anyone doing that even against a 1400 they would get lucky one or two games AMAZING!!

  27. There is definitely an issue with the Audio on these last streams. It goes up and down in volume. Do not know what you changed, because the older streams audio was perfect.

  28. Omg, he is able to remember thousend's of different chess positions but is unsure how a song, that he is singing, contines after the first line. I love it!

  29. Naka thanks for this free lessons you have a large scale of looking from the far far away corner really thanks from the heart .. congratulations you are in the history

  30. Dang he adopted this guy then sent him back to the orphanage so he could adopt him four more times

  31. How do you say "lets see what he's going to do?" in Italian? 🙂

  32. Why would someone keep playing after losing 30 games in a row?

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