Hikaru Nakamura Makes A Blitz Chess Challenge: 50 Games

Hikaru Nakamura makes an attempt at 50-0 in blitz chess against his FM opponent! Can he hold up as fatigue sets in?

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  1. 10 games : adoption
    20 games : tutelage
    30 games : subjection
    40 games : abortion
    50 games : no word for that

  2. L'italiano di Nakamura è niente male! That was nice

  3. WHO THE F asks the US based world class GM about Catalonia situation LOOL

  4. Maaan, this is some Dead Souls shit…

  5. It's good to play people better than you at things, but losing 50-0 in public…that can't be good for you.

  6. he's just insane, we focus so much onto openings these guys dont care at all it's just about the endgames that's all

  7. Lol how must that feel?
    49 games in a row lost, then being in a completely winning endgame and losing it from timepressure.
    That guy must have destroyed his equipment…

  8. "It's 6 am so I might as well wake up and go do something.." Dude, you just played blitz for over 3 hours. 😀

  9. Little surprise you looked tired here. Too much brain activity and too little exercise (possibly too much online chess?) leads to sleeping problems. It's just be discovered that too little sleep causes your brain to "eat" itself (ref "New Scientist"). If you want longevity be careful.

  10. Casper lund he knows he is playing with hikaru!

  11. Hikaru. What is the name of your black opening that you use here over and over again?

  12. Ok, if you are an FM, HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU LOSE A MATCH 50-0??? IDGAF THAT HES PLAYING NAKA WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 50 *LOSSES*, NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE FUCKING DRAW, obviously I would not do even remotely better, but still, it's just shocking bc his opponent is an FM

  13. I can't believe can hold up with no game losing blunders for this long. Absolute beast

  14. so whos better blitz player hikaru or fireflasher

  15. What else to do on a Saturaday night? How about going to a movie with a girl, ten pin bowling, rock concert, opera, see football game. Sleep. Internet gaming. Lots of things other than playing 15 hours of chess.

  16. Yeah, good to see and hear ya with that midwest accent too, Naka! Thanks for this crazy rebroadcast! Perfect! Would clever tactic, but fail ring a bell? As in for you, Mr. Kahn? Lol.

  17. Quando parli in Italiano sembri un'altra persona , grande HIkaru !

  18. Socialite here. Chess players are whack lol

  19. 41:55 "When there's a check, you should always play it."

    This comment surprised me, as I've always felt that it's most effective to wait for the ideal moment to spring a check (i.e. to win a piece), rather than just using it up right away a la "fish sees check, fish gives check". But maybe Naka's talking blitz only.

  20. And that’s how you make someone drop their pants for you in chess kids.

  21. Wins 50-0 and goes "That was terrible. That was horrendous." Hikaru is the man

  22. fireflasher so poor,every time same openings

  23. It's fun to watch you dismantle 2500 rated players like they would dismantle me.

  24. The dude he is playing is too slow. He got some good positions but never had time on the clock. I would delete my account and start a new one if I was him or her.

  25. How was it 50-0 when he flagged you in one of the early games?

  26. As poor Eric would say…"You have been adopted"

  27. Fablethics uses sweat shops, never buy from that company.

  28. One has to admire bis opponent. Loosing 50 times in a row is a real mood killer. I would get a hissy fit after about 20 losses, and
    Run away crying 😂

  29. Where did Hikaru learn Italian? I wonder what prompted that

  30. This guy always gets down by over a minute on the clock, pretty much every game. He's too slow. Naka could play him 1000 games and the same thing would happen

  31. Early Hikaru "im seeing 0 viewers, everybody must've gone to bed"🥺

  32. man he's come so far, from having only a few consistent viewers to tens of thousands almost every stream and thousands of subs

  33. You're bringing me back happiness with chess, and unblocking important parts of my gameplay, that I've blocked using stupid principles…

  34. This is the Hikaru. Talking normally. Not some meme-lord -overly-complaining -weird -face -making guy

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