Hikaru Face Alex Botez

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Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. I've always wondered how do people feel when they realise it's Hikaru? Thanks Botez lady

  2. That fan in the background is hilarious for some reason 😂

  3. Context to the “GM im not AAAAÆ”, she was talking about how she was going to get match up with a GM the next match in titled Tuesday. She got Hickaroo.

  4. Lol like it was nothing. Insane how good some people are at that level

  5. That's why it's worth to watch the pog champs

  6. i am new to chess, and i dont understand how the game ended. there was no check at the end. hikaru moved rook so that he can take bishop and check, then alex takes rook with queen, hikaru takes queen with bishop, bt the king would still be safe, wouldnt it? i dont understand how the game ended as if it was a checkmate.

  7. That's why I watch only agadmador. Professional, not screams, no overreacting, no unnecessary excitements, no weird woman things.

  8. And in thos moment andrea experienced the real fear for the first time

  9. Her scream paired with Hikarus evil villain laugh is perfect

  10. Can anyone tell can I find this type of chess in Play Store

  11. Thus could be turned into a "perfectly cut scream" video and be just as great haha

  12. What's written before her name?? WIM or what ?

  13. what platform is this to get mutch up against hikaru😁😎

  14. Is there a clip of this chick where she doesn't scream?

  15. i just wonder, why hikaru have 3200, i thought he was around 2700

  16. Hikaru trying not to be autistic challange impossible

  17. I would've gone knight e7 check to win the queen instead of rook c1 but either way the position is completely winning

  18. Hikaru missed knight form f4 to d4 forking the king and queen

  19. Great example of the strategy "just give 'em checks until you win"

  20. Top moments before disasternumber 1: "Gm im not AAAAA-"

  21. That's some good Homer Simpson impression😂

  22. “ÆaãAŌ˔ -Least loud reaction to facing Hikaru in chess

  23. when she screamed I instinctively thought she was gonna scream 'ANDREAAA!!'

  24. No one’s gonna talk abt how Alex is up 2-1.5 against HIKARU????

  25. man im dead💀 • 420y ago • • • • • • • • • • • says:

    Bro know he will win

  26. The mili secend she saw hikaru as name she relaized she fucked up

  27. How daaaa heeeeyl do u got 1.6 likes, yet only 5, now 6 comments

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