Hans Niemann takes on Kazakh no.1 Rinat Jumabayev (2583) | World Blitz 2022

Rinat Jumabayev is well-known in the chess world as a very strong player. He is the current no.1 player in Kazakhstan and caused quite a big stir in the world of chess when he eliminated Fabiano Caruana from the World Cup 2021 in a mini-match. In this game he was up against the man in the news Hans Niemann. It was going to be a well-matched game. It took place in the 14th round of World Blitz Championships 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. bruh Rinat is the fastest piece arranger Ive ever seen

  2. we need sagar commentary in these videos.. guys hit like until we get it

  3. That ad with the syrupy voice over is just annoying now.

  4. That queen rook fork in a professional game…

  5. Good work! …Na5? then b6 pawn fork and smash the clock!

  6. Little awkward for a pawn fork to go unnoticed at this level of play

  7. The clocks should have a bit of an LED light, so it's easier to see the time (as a spectator).

  8. he is a good player and have a decent future cuz he is just 19 years beat Rinat and someone like Sevian, thats speak for himself but he should have never ever claimed he cheated online, even if he does not do it in real life, its a stain he will never wipe out in his entire chess career

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