Hacking the opponents king on LiChess: High Level Blitz Chess

2700!? Chess blitzing on LiChess
Straight-up 3-minute blitz action!
Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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  1. I play more chess and find it much more interesting when I drink high thc hemp tea.

  2. Lovely to see Simon back with the longer uploads again. The best and the original chess streamer.

  3. I thank The Lord Jesus Christ for longer blitz sessions from the gingerist of GMs– the man who needs no introduction– the man who's beard color never matches the hair on his heads color, Simon the Williams.

  4. I would love it if you and Ben would bury your hatchets or whatever the deal is and do more full on trash talking and drinking games. It was great content ❤️

  5. At 22:13 Be4 wasn't check because you had already moved your king, so your tactic was fine.

  6. Cricky Simon, I think that tea is playing games with you. Entertaining content though.

  7. Playing on in completely lost positions can be very educational. Also, at my level, people often blunder when they think they are winning. They feel too safe.

  8. Simon, why don't you show your opponent's rating? We want to see who you are playing!

  9. Funniest chess channel on youtube by far

  10. Can someone post a link to Simon's psychedelic game???

  11. Simon is bringing back the long uploads and it is delightful.

  12. 38:55 "there is checkmate somewhere". I was curious and checked it. Simon was right, Rh5 was mate in 6, and e5+ was mate in 7, but everything was loosing, after Kf4. So great Intuition, but would he have found it? not impossible but i think unlikely :), however Intuition navigates Chaos!

  13. 37:20 you start talking about tea again then instantly blunder. every englishman's greatest weakness

  14. 4:49 I have had an opponent who played on when we had each a bishop of a different color and a king refusing to accept a draw. He thought it was funny. I told him what I thought of him and he then reported me. Guess low lives are playing chess as well.

  15. The guy below me isn't the real Judahs Lion, I am!

  16. critizes oponent about not resigning then plays on a clearly lost endgame .. how about just not complaining and having fun ? I don't mind people playing on.

  17. can you really complain about your opponent playing on a losing position if you miss a mate in 2 while doing it?

  18. Yeah so many cheaters. Second guy is clearly a cheat

  19. You should try drinking cannabis tea, also great for concentration

  20. Great video, thanks! At 4:49 Simon missed a mate in two Rd1+ Ke2 Re1#

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