Guide On How To Get Better At Blitz Chess: Simple Ideas

How To Get Better At Blitz Chess

How to get better at blitz chess and stop losing matches? We’ve searched for valuable advice throughout communities. Advanced players are happy to share their experiences. So we’ve compiled their knowledge in a short list in this article. Scroll down to get practical ideas. Join the chess community and play against players from all over the world on this best chess website.

Familiar Situation?

Time pressure is the most difficult challenge one needs to deal with in the match. It creates an atmosphere of urgency and doesn’t allow you to think straight. Blunders after blunders, you make mistakes and lose your victory. The key here is to gather yourself. Try not to focus so much on the seconds slipping away.

How to Get Better at Blitz Chess

Guide On How To Get Better At Blitz Chess

There are 4 minimum requirements to fulfill if you want to become a more advanced player:

  • Dive into opening strategies. There are lots of materials dedicated to the beginning of the match. This knowledge will give you insight into what your opponent might pull off next. So that you can momentarily build defense and attack schemes to ruin their plans.
  • Play against AI engines. Online challenges allow you to save rounds and then analyze your moves. You can find places where you made mistakes and think about ways of improving them. It will upgrade your tactics and help you avoid blunders further on.
  • Don’t forget about classical games. Keep studying tricks of the rounds that are not considered fast. It’s a good idea to save them, as well as to examine them later.
  • Watch professionals in action. YouTube offers lots of recordings featuring the confrontation between famous grandmasters. If their level is too high for you to understand, opt for videos with comments. It offers an extra bonus in addition to learning the common strategies. You’ll also see stars: who they are and how they play.

Learn From Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura

How to get better at blitz chess? Follow the tips we’ve provided you with. Be patient: you’ll still make mistakes. But you should always analyze them and find ways to avoid them in the future.

Additionally, it’s worth fighting the consequences of time pressure. Don’t ignore them but rather learn not to stress out that much. The more tactics you memorize, the more confident you will become. And the easier it will be to control yourself.