GothamChess Plays Blitz vs. 12-year-old FIDE Master!

@GothamChess takes on 12-year-old Nigerian-American chess prodigy and FIDE Master, Tani Adewumi in a blitz chess match in Washington Square Park, New York!

Read more about Tani’s story:

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  1. I edit videos and understand green screens but I do not get how you got that random tattoo guy to appear BEFORE the chess screen up top

  2. Why is he saying magician like that?

  3. the fact u edited his head going over the board at 1:39 makes this vid already better and more exciting to watch

  4. 4:32 "Why did the old grandma fall in the well? Because she couldn't see that well!"

  5. that edit of Danny looking over the overlayed board was so unnecessary lmaooo. Tani is a monster.

  6. many were FM's at his age and even much younger but never made it to youngest GM 🙂

  7. Levy and Danny preparing Tani for tougher challenges ahead . 🙂 . Tani is sure to make GM at this rate .

  8. I really thought Levi lost against Tani overall, because of the video he posted on his own channel.

  9. clickbait is real, he has no chance to be the youngest grandmaster

  10. Damn, i supported a fundraiser for this kid a few years ago and totally forgot over time. Im so flashed and happy to see him right now in one of your videos, so glad he kept pursuing his career <3

  11. that hand shake fistbump was awkward af

  12. I love Tani but I really don't think he can beat the Abhimanyu Mishra record: 12 years 4 months and 25 days.
    Tani is 12 years 4 months and 9 day old when this video as been published and is not an IM.🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  13. stop uploading old seen-before videos all the time, jesus chirst who runs this channel?

  14. 7:26 why he didn’t just take the queen with the knight? Can someone explain

  15. love the diversity in nyc, look at that crowd 😀

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