GothamChess Plays Blitz vs. 12-year-old FIDE Master!

@GothamChess takes on 12-year-old Nigerian-American chess prodigy and FIDE Master, Tani Adewumi in a blitz chess match in Washington Square Park, New York!

Read more about Tani’s story:

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  1. 10:14
    Tani: Wait a minute!
    Levy: I know I'm waiting!
    Daniel: Squirrel!

  2. Tani my very good guy. Hope to see you whenever I come to New York. Good job boy!

  3. Tani is going to be a grandmaster and a chess host as well

  4. Even if levy shows to us he is not that confident with his chess, We should not forget that this guy is an international master, with a peak rating of 2400+.

  5. True story! A long time ago I asked a police sergeant in Washington Square Park, that's right, inside the park, by the old tables if "gambling chess is illegal". He said "If at the end of the game one person takes out money from his pocket/wallet, and hands it to the other guy, that is NOT illegal". However, if you have money "ON THE TABLE", as Danny did here, the sergeant said that IS illegal. So if you guys get arrested blame Danny!

  6. the man "coach" behind the camera is so annoying. dude stfu

  7. Why does that girl look familiar the one with grey white and green I think

  8. Leviy lowkey pointing out that he's a better coach than whoever is coaching Tani😂

  9. Good job both of you Levy and Congrats to Tani he plays very well

  10. 7:18 can someone explain why Tani didnt eat the queen with his knight

  11. This kids got a very, very bright future. Look forward to seeing where he gets to.

  12. 10:22 Why didn't Tani take the black knight with the white queen? Checkmate!

  13. Around 19:26 the kid has pretty bad hands-eye coordination, figures are ending out in the wrong square, sideway, using two hands that is illegal too.

  14. I'm 34 and want to be Tani when I grow up.

  15. Levy underestimates himself too much, dude is a damn fine player.

  16. Who is the side guy that loves to talk? Sorry I haven't watched too many videos but is he Tami's coach or something? I'd be so irritated playing with that commentary…

  17. He will be the Michael Jordan of Chess one day🙌

  18. lmao, i love this kid he's really funny and his playing is amazing.

  19. I do not play chess but the trans generational interactions delight my spirit….so many lonely oldies and so many lost children in today's society. Having a purpose so important

  20. That/s what I thought hahaha Tani is not yet ready for Levy haha He can beat the ladies (botez sisters, anna and others) but not the likes of Levy haha

  21. am in missing somthing on the second game why could Tani not take the queen with his second knight F6 – e4

  22. He's really good this young lad.. definitely one to watch ..🤩

  23. Tani going for fist bump while Levy going for handshake was absolutely amazing

  24. Hey, what the hell was that first mate in the dead middle of the board!? That was really cool!

  25. Good to see such a great player giving the kid a shot. The kid has a lot of charisma! He is fortunate to get a chance to play against Levy. Such matches will surely improve his game.

  26. Why do you speed the video up? If most people are like me, we enjoy watching the game too.

  27. HI I really want to congratulate both of you I'm 10 and I'm pretty but i'm taking lessons at World Chess Hall Of Fame

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