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  1. Very cool branding…I like the 'Select', it's a nice flavor. And of course a Yasser appearance is nice too. What's next, maybe Black Label Brah?

  2. omfg!!! yasser my favorite!! the most generous gentleman on the chess scene!! class act!!! thanks brand!!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!! Yass + Hansen!! AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Absolutely loving Yasser!!!!!!!!!! You have to host him more often on your stream. Figure out a way to get him hooked up and on it. It's a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (watching second stream on twitch) Prob need to remind him to keep the energy up though at home.

  5. Awesome! Convince Yasser to create a twitch channel!

  6. This fan club thing in the background is a bit distracting – maybe do it between games pls

  7. WOW! The Legend Himself! So nice to see you at chessbrahs, Yasser, best of luck to you, sir! 😀

  8. Funny that Yasser mentioned GM Larry Christianson at 46:20 as I saw Larry yesterday playing 24 people in a simul game in Boston at South Station. A really nice guy too! More from Yasser please!

  9. you check your daily subscriptions and u find this treat lying there.. Juicy..

  10. Just found this channel. Awesome stuff keep it up!

  11. at 5:10 is bxb7 any good? for instance: 1.bxb7 bxb7 2.ne5 rg8 3. nd7+

  12. More of these! Is Yasser really 2400 in 3 minutes? Thought he was much stronger

  13. You know you've done something right when Yasser visits you at home!

  14. This is good stuff Eric! Always have respect for a guy like Yasser

  15. Yasser is a personal favorite. Not the strongest GM ever, but arguably the best teacher/commentator around today. A wonderful ambassador for the game. This was a real treat to watch.

  16. Awesome game against Shech! (Around 20.00) Such control.

  17. Yasser is a great ambassador for the game. He and Eric make a good team. Moving Shahade out of that seat next to Yas and putting Eric there instead would be such an improvement.

  18. Even with the crappy chessbrah audio, Yasser sounds good

  19. I'm a super-Yasser-fan! A true gentleman! And to see him relaxed and not "performing" or commentating … juz great! ;O)

  20. welcome to another mega exciting five minute autopairing

  21. we need him to stream more often on chessbrah!

  22. Yassar always gracious even in defeat…

  23. Yasser is the most enjoyable chess personality I know .. I think he could have done anything else , would be the same for me !

  24. Anyone know why his username is 'OM'? Great video btw.

  25. 7:23

    "Mostly I've avoided the privates, but thank you for asking!"

  26. who else thinks he wud look like einstein with moustache

  27. Chessbrah I know this is an old video but what site is Yasser playing on?

  28. 48:30 I would have grabbed that a5 pawn so fast in 2 knighy moves, why doesn't Yasser seem interested

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