GM Vladislav Artemiev – GM Rauf Mamedov chess blitz

Aeroflot open 2018 chess blitz. Game1 and game 2.


  1. why are they exchanging places when they can just exchange pieces ?

  2. Please state the result of matches when you put this video in youtube.

  3. Dead draws…But Mamedov acted as though he resigned…

  4. Great games from these two players. Both games were exciting and instructive

  5. the second they played the game was a draw?

  6. Mamedov and Mamedaryov both from Azerbeijan and look like twin brothers.

  7. Что-то Рауф тугодумно играл обе партии.

  8. Что-то Рауф тугодумно играл обе партии.

  9. I don't get it… The white resigned in a draw position?!?

  10. а почему рауф шах не сделал по верху потом опять и ест пешку

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