GM Speed Chess! #176 The Ups and Downs of Blitz Chess…

Grandmaster Speed Chess!! Blitz can be bloody annoying can’t it!?

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  1. you're funny, haha. Love the content Williams!

  2. hahaha ,I did I just blooming waste that minute thinking its my opponents move,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,

  3. Guys, just buy the goddamn dee vee dee.

  4. I've that beautiful "KILLER d4" DeeVeeDee πŸ˜€

  5. 7:35, they have premium access that a person can have by buying all of your DEY VEY DEYS.

  6. It's ultra speed chess for me because I watch at 2x the speed!

  7. Ok!Ok!! I am buying the DVD. It's Christmas. Going full Dutch in 2019.

  8. Still love your streams even when you aren’t firing on all cylinders

  9. albert einstein used simon's deeveedee in his physics research

  10. I have been enjoying your new DVD- Going dutch 2019

  11. @33.18 computer says mate in 6. Nicely played though anyway. Will order a DVD to support the channel, Merry Christmas!, but probably won't watch it: prefer to watch your blitz matches (specially the Titled Tuesday's events, which you sadly don't seem to take part in so often any more – but they were simply outstanding entertainment).

  12. 32:45 best checkmate that removes all your unlucky play through the whole session

  13. Always appreciate the YouTube uploads Simon! Thanks for taking the extra time for us.

  14. Very amusing to watch you play blitz. :-)))) . Enjoying your Killer French DVD a lot at the moment!

  15. I take the blame; I'll take one for the team. πŸ™‚

  16. SAY IT, BABY! I GOTTA HAVE MORE COWBELL BLITZ!! lol, you're the most fun to watch, Simon. ;}

  17. After a three-month break, I got back into blitz/rapid, and need to play some games and lose, to get angry enough to invest time in watching the day-vay-days.

  18. This bad session doesn't change the fact that you beat Gelfand. You're one of the best players around.

  19. Great to have you back with the Blitz Simon! Good to see you as always

  20. Simon this was a really entertaining video. I would love to see 5 minutes i find myself going back to the 5 min arena kings that was really instructive and you yourself said that this is probably your best time limit please bring it back big up, have been going through your dutch dvd this week

  21. Mr Williams! I've never seen such a handsome man named Simon. Except, perhaps, when I look in the mirror! Great video! πŸ™‚

  22. love these blitz matches, simon! the trauma is what keeps it interesting, and then when you're switched on we are flying high with you!!! dont stop now πŸ™‚

  23. Simon is my favorite chess youtuber. Absoluetely hilarious.

  24. This came up in my newsfeed ffs. Brexit, Trump, Big tech, Simon Williams playing blitz.

  25. I like the blitz games, very impressive and entertaining.

  26. Thx for life advices Simon. I didn't went for it, but wasn't ready. Now 5y later I'm still not ready… Did wrong not acting in time…and in depression.

  27. Whenever I play a session of chess, I usually lose my first three games. Then I start playing much better.

  28. 32:40 Nice mating net here, great job. I know you're happy, rock on Simon. And don't worry, Harry gets reincarnated and feels no pain anyway — yet get glory every once in a while still! Sweet, thanks for blitzing for us!

  29. You know why i love this channel so much? because i come over from a losing streak myself and have to comfort of seeing a GM lose pieces left and right.
    Happens to every GM, but he doesnt filter out the embarrassing loses.
    Thanks man for reminding us that even the best of us muck it up from time to time

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