GM Peter Svidler’s Banter Blitz Chess – December 21, 2017

Super Grandmaster Peter Svidler plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves. Go Premium to challenge Peter in his next show:

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  1. Congrats on your 8th Russian Championship Peter!!

  2. Will vishy Anand be interested in doing a banter blitz? He's such a gentleman!

  3. Peter, big congratulations on your 8th Russian championship. Very happy for you. All the best wishes for the Holidays and at Wiik. Keep up the good play and good luck reaching the Candidates’ tournament!!

  4. Peter, can I make a small suggestion. Not all of us are lucky enough, usually due to time differences, to watch the live Banter Blitz on chess24. Many of us have to watch the YouTube re-broadcast. So when you are answering questions or making comments about something in the chat, we don’t know what the initial question or comment was. If you would somehow repeat what is in the chat, we could better understand your response. Thanks, Peter.

  5. Nice stream Peter, one of the greatest players in the world. Always a pleasure. I do respectfully think though that Magnus is the best blitz player in the world, as he outclasses many of the world's strongest (magnus wesley so, and magnus alexander grischuk, the world blitz champion come to mind where Magnus dominated in the blitz championship)

  6. very good session. Svidler's King's gambit game was quite interesting and quite theoretical as blitz games go.

  7. Прикладна Економіка says:

    Wing gambit on 60 min was fantastic!

  8. nice to see you again … keep up these sessions

  9. Hi Peter, 1986 called and wants that shirt back! And I hope you didn't wear a Members Only jacket over it!

  10. Peter admits a bad positon, mostly in opening. It’s great.

  11. Peter's instincts when to do something active and when to just sit on the position is most instructive.

  12. Excellent Banter Blitz. Thank You Grandmaster.

  13. Excellent assessment of The Last Jedi.

  14. Video stuttering so badly.. almost unwatchable..

    well it seems to get MUCH better after changes at 13:30

  15. i feel like you guys should have a channel dedicated for peter and jan's streams. I used to be subbed but i unsubbed because there was like 10 videos a day of random blitz streams i didnt care about

  16. Please resign your FIDE membership in support of Anna Muzychuk. Any organization that showcases a sexist tyranical government doesn't deserve your support.

  17. 44:2044:35 "Space for your stuff" is a very technical term you only learn when you become a very strong Chess player….LOL!!

  18. I'm not really learning anything, at least it doesn't feel like it, but it's fun to just chill and watch someone play chess.

  19. The game at 1:52:39 is a textbook Sicilian crush by white. Sorry Peter but this was a very nice game that you did not win 🙁

  20. Peter, you make me realize I'm not really a good player and will likely never be. That takes a lot of the fun out of clobbering everyone in my local coffee shop.

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