GM Nihal Sarin – GM Alireza Firouzja, Larsen’s Opening, Blitz chess

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GM Nihal Sarin – GM Alireza Firouzja, Nimzovich-Larsen attack (1.b3), Blitz chess

Blitz chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.

Larsen’s Opening (also called the Nimzo–Larsen Attack or Queen’s Fianchetto Opening) is a chess opening starting with the move:

1. b3

It is named after the Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen. Larsen was inspired by the example of the great Latvian–Danish player and theoretician Aron Nimzowitsch (1886–1935), who often played 1.Nf3 followed by 2.b3, which is sometimes called the Nimzowitsch–Larsen Attack. It is classified under the A01 code in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings.

The flank opening move 1.b3 prepares to fianchetto the queen’s bishop where it will help control the central squares in hypermodern fashion and put useful pressure on Black’s kingside. The b2-bishop is often a source of recurring irritation for Black, who should not treat it lightly.

Alireza Firouzja (Persian: علیرضا فیروزجاه‎, Persian pronunciation: [æliːɾezɑː fiːɾuːzˈdʒɑːh]; born 18 June 2003) is an Iranian chess grandmaster. A chess prodigy, he won the Iranian Chess Championship at age 12 and earned his grandmaster title at the age of 14.

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Although Larsen was initially very successful with this opening, it suffered a setback in the 1970 USSR vs. Rest of the World match in Belgrade, where Larsen played it against reigning World Champion Boris Spassky and lost in 17 moves. Larsen was also decisively defeated when playing it against Rosendo Balinas, Jr. at Manila in 1975.


  1. Thanks for the camera work. Could actually follow the game. 👍

  2. What kind of strategy is that ?😂

  3. Там Новиков рядом играл?

  4. Nihal is winning, push G4 and White king can enter, if blacks king goes out of g7 , white wins

  5. what a nice game! Both young players tried to find a forcing way to win, so this is a nice draw

  6. Nihal always seems distracted. Looks like he is always in a rush to go somewhere.

    His behaviour isn't chess GM!

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