GM Naroditsky v WGM Belenkaya: 2023 Charlotte Open Blitz

GM Daniel Naroditsky faces off against WGM Dina Belenkaya in round 5 of the 2023 Charlotte Open blitz tournament.

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  1. These 2 would make a best Chess power couple 🔥

  2. The way he forced a queen trade was awesome. She chuckled to herself when he did that.

  3. Why does it have to be GM vs WGM and not GM vs GM or MGM vs WGM?

  4. I miss that sound from chess tournaments when I was younger. Sounds like giant hail or something on video, but in person it’s a very distinct wood sound. I dunno why I love that sound so much. I was always nervous as hell playing with a bunch of people around. But now I just miss it.

  5. This time dina couldn't cheat 😂

  6. i want to be invited to the wedding please guys 🥰

  7. That is just plain flirting. "It's getting hot in here" haha.

  8. Dina defended brilliantly in this game👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Well we could say that they both have a very aggressive DNA

  10. The fact that they are both Russian, but speak English

  11. quick noob question: why is the clock on Danya’s right even though he’s playing White?

  12. Dina survived well. Not easy against Danya! 😅

  13. The screen board at the end was like "What? Wha what? i didnt be programmed for this"

  14. I always like to play chess at clog dancing rehearsals 😉

  15. This video should be titled, "GM Naroditsky v Street Hustler".

  16. Although she's a much, much weaker player, I've seen better games from her. Good try, Dina!

  17. why does Dina always cheat at the end! sneaky lady😂

  18. Romantic chess couple are more attractive than chess ❤❤

  19. The handshake 😍😍
    Chess kneeled there towards them

  20. Sounds like a tap dancing class behind the scenes.

  21. D&D baby would be World Champion in 2039….Just saying.

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