GM I. Yagupov (2185) vs Fatality (1958). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. اقا دوپینگ کرده ،،،،،Doping

  2. Fatality great game against a great player 😊


  4. She was trying leave him behind thinking about !where I was where I was …..

  5. Yagupov is a much stronger player than his rating, and Fatality knows this. No intimidating stares by Fatality against this opponent, she's too busy trying to think of a way to out maneuver this old pro. Great game. She can learn much from the seasoned players.

  6. Fatali……Time is your killer! you must manage your time in the middle game so that you will have it for the end game… Love you 🙂

  7. Yagupov had a good position the whole time in this game and he can keep up with Fatality in time.

  8. Quite a nice game, and worth to watch. Different coloured bishops can make things interesting.

  9. Très belle de partie de vous deux ne t'inquiéte pas Fatality tu progresse. Je suis content de te suivre et de regarder tes match. Merci.

  10. Cfn a lot of people are asking we’re you purchased the chess pieces and just curious why you don’t want to share it’s kind of weird

  11. Que lo mire a los ojos al maestro! jejejeje menos miradas y más ajedrez Fatality,buena partida

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