GM Hikaru 3400! – New Record | Blitz vs Mark Christian | ChessCom | February 9, 2024

Blitz Matchup on
GM Hikaru nakamura vs Mark Christian (2890) | | February 9, 2024

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  1. 13-0 its almost like Bobby Fischer beat Bisguier 13 times in a row!

  2. 500 rating points LESS. How embarrassing that Hikaru does this. And how bad for chess.

  3. Well clearly Hikaru can't get out of the first round of the tournament against Denis so he has to farm scrubs lmao

  4. I don't mind Hikaru farming at all but my god, that opponent is playing like a 1800

  5. Kinda pathetic of Hikaru to farm someone who doesn't even have a fide title and whose elo isn't even close to that of a GM

    All of that just to be the first one ever to reach 3400 on the website XDDD

  6. Y añadiendo, la miniatura está mal escrita. Pone "bltiz" en lugar de "Blitz". ^^

  7. Really impressive, winning 50 times in a row against some nervous 2900. Congratulations.

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