GM Eric Hansen Blitz Speedrun | 1200-1500

Grandmaster Eric Hansen attempts to speedrun to 3000 blitz rating on as fast as possible, starting from 1200!


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  1. Lol, "you're not a person until you're 1500"

  2. Man.. how do you play like this.. Mindblowing indeed

  3. Imagine magnus doing speedrun from the other side …

  4. Not once did you ask if something was theory. 🙁

  5. Wonder how many of these people reported you for cheating not realizing you were a GM

  6. Pathetic performance in the recent tourney by you

  7. It is really sad to me that this lowbrow content got 1.5 million views. I can go beat the shit out of a bunch of children to make myself feel better because I am a grown ass man, but then again I have higher standards.

    You may be a decent chess player, but you have a pretty shitty personality.

  8. Nice you should do more of those speedruns it was interesting!

  9. What kind of music is Eric listening? Anybody knows?

  10. I thought Hikaru was bad, the chessbrahs are also kind of smug and condescending

  11. At 9:46, how do you get to that position. Lol I'm too dumb to figure it out. White's queen side knight gone and only one pawn gone. Cant understand what the moves were

  12. horrible background noise makes it impossible to listen to.

  13. Didnt think i would watch till the end. Very entertaining

  14. Guys I just played the moves Eric played and I’m 1600 now

  15. Watching a GM destroy players around your level sure is beautiful to watch.

  16. Seeing challenger players smurf in low elo is always inspiring

  17. ive been playing chess for a week now and I probably have no business watching these videos but damn man this guy is good way to rep Canada too bro

  18. great lesson in how to win games by sacrifice. i like this style.

  19. Before I started playing on my own, I didn't really understand how strong Eric really is. Now I know just how crazy good he is! These GMs are so accesible and it is very hard to undrerstand how good they are until you start playing and struggle to go past 1800! I would be so blown away by these guys.

  20. I'm quite new to chess and have a question to ask, like on 9:29 how did he won ? I genuinely can't understand

  21. I hate it so much when they skip ahead and don't show the whole game. These games are so instructive, but only if y'all show the whole thing

  22. I'm offended that you said you don't need to attack a 1200's Queen because they will just blunder it… I don't do it that often anymore ok.

  23. Here's a challenge: beat a 2000 rated player in bullet with confirm each move enabled 😳😁😈🤪

  24. yeah chess is a great game, sad that online its 99 players cheaters or completely boring uninspiring crap(((

  25. He's playing really well… Never mind…

  26. Παιξε πιο γρήγορα τουρκε.

  27. Eric looks defirent here
    I prefer this one

  28. The last game, if a 1450 elo rated player would done that to me, you would see me writing, Fking cheater, you S of B .. , i m gonna report you Bstrd 😂😂

  29. Rarely shows full games, Hikura and Daniel and Magnus do .. we can learn that’s why your garbage compare those

  30. That was smooth! Is Eric a smooth criminal of chess?

  31. He makes it look so easy. I need to talk to the guy that taught him to play like this. Immediately subscribed after he dusted the 1400s like they were 800s. I'm still in the 1400s cry😢 😂

  32. I still can’t believe how sexy the checkmate is in the game that starts at 3:20. And he sees it so far ahead too

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