GM Ben Finegold’s Most Important Rules in Blitz

Check out Ben’s Chessable courses here! GM Ben Finegold shares what is most important when playing blitz chess. Clip from [04-23-2022]

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  1. Ben doesnt understand that it takes 30 seconds to determine if you’re hanging a piece, and then after thinking for 30 seconds you hang your queen.

  2. Ah, okay you're gonna make three queens?

    Oh, I guess you're gonna get every type of piece.

    Oh, you're going to checkmate with knight and bishop.

    Next level trolling right here.

  3. My personal most important rule in blitz, (and this one Never failed me so far) don’t play Blitz

  4. And this is why resigning is so important, get yourself out of there

  5. Lol, did Ben reach the premove limit? I didn't know such a thing existed

  6. Damn! Ben made this match one of the best blitz I've seen lmao.

  7. i immediately followed the advice in this video and won a game by just moving around forever. thanks GM ben!

  8. The reason I suck at blitz… can't figure out the knight and bishop ending in 3 minutes

  9. Secret of chess is to play like you never want the game to end.

  10. 2:30 he didn't even take with the knight, lol literally not caring

  11. Ben Finegold is from he always plays D-12?

  12. that's how I play in 1+0 chess. Its filthy, its dumb, but the goal is to flag your opponent like a neanderthal (which means, its not chess anymore). Someone 2200+ even challenged me to hyperbullet atomic. I literally made a bunch of random moves, and I won

  13. What a great lesson !
    1 – Don't play slow.
    2 – Don't blunder pieces.
    That's fantastic, do you offer personal lessons ? What's your rate ?

  14. It is absolutely true that is why I'd be bad at blitz. The problem is that it's not too difficult to do either 1 of those things.
    I can not hang pieces (most of the time; if I play slow)
    I can play fast (or at least I could train myself to play fast; but then I would hang pieces)

  15. it's easy to play fast. it's possible to not give pieces away. it's very difficult to play fast AND not give pieces away.

  16. Giving away all his pieces and then checkmating with knight and bishop is an insane flex.

  17. I mean doesn't hanging pieces stem from not thinking enough? So if they make moves faster they'll hang more pieces.

  18. Another gem 💎 from Ben, one of my favourite chess content creators ❤️ has great advice 🤔 & has fun playing chess 🥳

  19. Best chess streamer there ever has been and ever will be

  20. 3:37 it was in this position, Ben Finegold won the Hikaru Nakamura Sportsmanship Award.

  21. Omg the pre moves!

    The Nate with knight and bishop. You are a bad, bad man.👏👏👏👏

  22. "Don't drop your pieces" bro, I'm terrible at chess, if I could not drop my pieces, I wouldn't be terrible.

  23. Doesn't resign against a GM despite having blundered a piece, then the GM doesn't go for checkmate and deliberately does a knight and beeeeeshop checkmate. Neither side wanted the game to end.

    1. Never resign
    2. Never checkmate, either.

  24. Love the knight bishop mate at the end! Surprised he kept playing as long as he did.

  25. I was 1300 and one habit I had was to immediately capture pawns or pieces, like I had the urge to capture, I controlled that and started finding in between moves, it definetly improved my game now I am 1770, hope to reach 2000 by year end.

  26. This was nice but harsh because the truth hurts

  27. This is why,us, panzers, don’t need advice from strong players lol

  28. If you buy a Finegold-Blindfold you will magically know the coordinates and also be good at blindfold chess

  29. 2:26 why not take with the knight .. hmm really not paying attention

  30. Yesterday I was losing winning positions, today I realized I suck at blitz, Ben is reading my mind

  31. because it's a bad time format for me, can GM Ben ask me another stupid question?

  32. 3:00 Can someone explain to me how he moved the pawn 5 squares in 1 move (I'm a bit stupid).

  33. The guy should’ve resigned and gone on with some dignity

  34. im bad at normal chess but im SUPER bad at blitz , i can at least find some good moves once in a while wen i have time , but 3 minutes game , IMPOSSIBRU

  35. I play as fast as Ben and don't hang pieces very often and still haven't much passed 2200 and when I did that that was hard.

  36. I've never seen anyone, let alone a 2900, get dunked on that hard in my life.

    This man should be legally required to immediately resign against Ben in every tournament they compete in from now on.

  37. "I'm talking non-stop and not paying attention" and misses the free queen. 2:25

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