GM Ben Finegold’s Most Important Rules in Blitz

Check out Ben’s Chessable courses here! GM Ben Finegold shares what is most important when playing blitz chess. Clip from [04-23-2022]

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  1. If I play fast, I blunder pieces.
    If I'm not going to blunder pieces, I have to play slow.
    I can do one OR the other. Not both.
    That's why I don't play 3+0.

  2. It sounds like the actual advice for low rated players for blitz is to not play blitz until you're better and quickly processing the board so that you don't have to think to not hang a piece.

  3. See the reason you guys suck at blitz is because you play too slow and also because you play the wrong moves. All you need to do is find better moves more quickly, it's as simple as that

  4. I'm impatient so I'm 1600 blitz and 1000 normal lol

  5. Wow. A GM actually flexing at beating a 1200 rated player…. This is the equivalent of Mike Tyson fighting an infant. When's the last time Ben actually won any tournament competitively? 2008 if you were curious.

  6. Dude, you're such a beast an such an asshole. I absolutely love it because you actually kill it.

  7. Giving away 2 rooks and a queen only to checkmate with a night and a bishop. Absolutely brutal.

  8. Chess, when played perfectly, ends in sacrificing all your pieces except two pawns and check mating your opponent with a bishop and a knight.

  9. Oh, so don't blunder and play fast. Thanks for being the usual uninformative teacher, Ben.

  10. "You can't trap your own bishop." Absolutely serpentine advice.

  11. I dunno, maybe I got the wrong message here, but I went for massive disrespect and ended up making my opponent rage because I was trying to back rank my self in own castle. Thanks Ben!

  12. You could have taken his queen with your knight great gm

  13. how the hell did you move the pawn up the file in one move? lol what?

  14. as someone who is currently struggling with knight and bishop mates, this is absolutely savage. Such cool, calm restraint. I love it

  15. the last part was so impressive IT BLOWED UP MY PANTS

  16. Ahh yeah! My self depreciation has been slack lately.
    Time for Ben to kick me in the stomach!!!

  17. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssick I gotta learn the knight and bishop mate

  18. Me? Bad at blitz? But…but…I'm the best player in my chair! 🙂

  19. Isn’t cyber bullying against twitch ToS?

  20. 2:26 when you think that iam a genius and just insult other than this happens just win a free queen

  21. I am bad at chess because I waste my time watching Bens useless videos.

  22. GM Finegold: "I'm not playing particularly fast."
    Also GM Finegold: Premove until you can not premove any more. 95 Moves with a minute 21 left where you wind up giving it all away and mating with bishop / knight
    I'm calling bullshit because he was moving very quickly that entire game.

  23. Bold of Ben to assume people are thinking. That's the first step to have a bad idea.

  24. How many rating points did you get for that win?

  25. The other guy was doing the 1200-1400 rating climb and live-streaming it!

  26. I’m bad at blitz because I’ve got no talent. I’m 1400 at 47. I’ll never improve. I’m an AWFUL player.

  27. your viewers are bad at chess because instead of studying and playing seriously they spend that time watching you clown around.

  28. As comical as bens advice is here it is very true. I spent WAY too much time in blitz then lose in time trouble. gained 200 points 1700-1900 in blitz within a month. Just don't blunder is a great way of looking at it.

  29. oh yeah
    play good moves quickly
    wonder why i didn't think of that

  30. What a BS ending, the guy should be embarrassed not to resign

  31. not a fair thing as a GM just to show how super he is, giving away pieces…

  32. When I move fast in blitz: Make a lot of blunders.
    When I move slower to think: Better moves but runs out of time.
    My only hope: Try and win in as few moves as possible because less good moves uses less time.
    The typical result: Doom.

  33. 4:19 Wait, what? The dream. Why do all my opponents resign before I can even reach these kind of positions? What is the psychology behind this?

  34. Its not like we mean to blunder pieces we just try to not play slow and blunder, or we don't blunder and we play slow. Eitheir way its a losing game

  35. It was at this point I accepted, I am a random blunder generator.

  36. Play better moves faster. Why didn't I think of that?

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