GM Alexei Shirov – WFM Linda Krumina, Alekhine defense, Blitz chess

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GM Alexei Shirov – WFM Linda Krumina, Alekhine defense, Blitz chess

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The opening is named after Alexander Alekhine, who introduced it in the 1921 Budapest tournament in games against Endre Steiner[2] and Fritz Sämisch.[3] Four years later, the editors of the Fourth Edition of Modern Chess Openings (MCO-4) wrote:

Nothing is more indicative of the iconoclastic conceptions of the ‘hypermodern school’ than the bizarre defence introduced by Alekhine … . Although opposing to all tenets of the classical school, Black allows his King’s Knight to be driven about the board in the early stages of the game, in the expectation of provoking a weakness in White’s centre pawns.[4]

In addition to Alekhine, another early exponent of the defence was Ernst Grünfeld.

The popularity of Alekhine’s Defence waxes and wanes; currently it is not very common. De Firmian observes, “The fashion could quickly change if some champion of the opening takes up the cause, as the results Black has obtained in practice are good.”[1] The opening’s current highest-rated proponent is GM Vassily Ivanchuk, although Lev Alburt played it at grandmaster-level almost exclusively during his career and was responsible for many contributions in both theory and practice. De Firmian writes,

Currently Grandmasters Shabalov and Minasian use the opening with regularity, while Aronian, Adams, and Nakamura will use it on occasion. In the past, great players such as Fischer and Korchnoi included the defence in their repertoire, leading to its respectable reputation.
Blitz chess (also known as speed or fast chess) is a type of chess in which each player is given less time to consider their moves than normal tournament time controls allow. Openings, tactics and strategy are same.


  1. Oddly satisfying to watch Shirov crushing weaker opponents in blitz! He constantly creates threats of some looming tactical schemes

  2. I known shirov, some years ago in biel. Very nice guy. He sign my hat.

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