Fritz (1718) vs Alice (1765). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Алиса очень красивая девочка. И доброе лицо у неё как у всех Юнкеров.

  2. Alice invented a new take in passing 😂 GG both

  3. Oh she thought his c3>c4 came from c2 and took it en passant 🙂 had to rewatch it too^^

  4. Ontem a torre foi colocada de cabeça para baixo e hoje é capturada de passagem, parece que Alice ficou presa no espelho.😊

  5. Почему Алисе не разрешили взять пешку.

  6. Alice seems to play instinctively, not having to"think" about her moves. Mistakes happen sometimes.

  7. Little Alice is sneaky, especially when she wears her Spiderman hoodie.

  8. Небольшой обман не так уж и плох, возможно, никто этого не заметит. Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается.🦋🦋

  9. I think alice play this game following patrons reasons why makes the mistake 🤔
    I believe she gonna be great players soon

  10. Shouldn't Alice's rank be higher after her win against Dvigun? I see her rank was 1765 there too.

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