FIDE World Blitz Chess Championship 2021 | Day 1

The 2021 World Rapid & Blitz Championship and Women’s Rapid & Blitz Championship are elite events organized by FIDE to determine the best players in fast time controls in the world. The championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Anish Giri and more! The players will compete in two Swiss tournaments for their piece of the $1,000,000.00 prize fund.

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz details:

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  1. Incredible defense from arjun against magnus with seconds left . he showed why he is the youngest top 10 seed at the tournament

  2. I prefer Peter and Jan as announcers. Calm and cool.

  3. I think GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and GM Irina Krush are getting better with each day, and they are almost exhibiting some chemistry here on the first day of the Blitz Games. It can't be very easy going for eight or more hours for five days straight, all while being in different locations! The personalities of these two commentators are vastly different, and it would have probably helped if they had done a few practice interviews for a few sessions prior to this entire event. Their actual roles seem to be too undefined from the start, but as the days went by, Jon became more of the main announcer, with Irina doing excellent work on stories, trivia, and 'color' commentary. And many of the games by the women and the men, by young and old, have been remarkable!

    The real weak link in coverage is the delay in showing the various boards, and choppy and delayed moves, which is simply unacceptable for electronic boards! If they want to insert a delay to inhibit foul play, just delay the entire feed, and send out the whole signal as pseudo-live, with a thirty-second delay having been inserted. The seemingly apparent lack of the commentators' ability to instantly switch boards is awful, and it's certainly not Jon's or Irina's fault; that's a setup issue. And the moves shown are so choppy: we see no moves for long periods of time, while actual moves are being made, and then sudden flurries of piece changes that cannot be followed, while the boards frequently have random dark-squares displayed as light squares! WTF?!

    The moves themselves should be shown in real-time, and perhaps smooth-scrolled, so that no displayed move occurs in less than maybe one second. Many Chess Streamers, such as Hikaru and especially Levy, should also implement a smooth scrolling of piece moves, which would make the action so much easier to follow. If the right speed were properly implemented, it would work well, and a flurry of moves and piece trades would quickly catch-up to real-time. The venue hall itself is full of too many glares: the tables are way too reflective, the walls are much too bright, and the clocks often look like rear-view mirrors, unless the camera is angled a bit. Not having an overhead camera for each board is a terrible oversight (pun entirely intended!).

    The "LIVE" board being displayed should be the larger of the two boards, and should always display the current position, period. During exciting and fast-paced, changing positions, the Analysis Board should mostly show future POSSIBLE moves, and should not dwell on lengthy reams of analyses discussed in way too much detail, regarding lines that will not be played! Many things are being done very well, so while it's easy to find fault for some items, we do realize that this venue was set up with very little lead time. They are bringing forth an exciting and historic event in a time in which flights are being cancelled and people are afraid to travel, and doing it all smack-dab between two big Holiday periods! It's been great to watch. – j q t –

  4. Imagine watching the Blitz Championship and not even seeing the games of the strongest players

    Oh wait…

  5. wow, women's matches, what a letdown. the top players in the world are here and we're watching second-rate matches.

  6. Great commentary. A huge like. The only thing I would like to see is the better quality live feed from the venue cameras. Those cameras should be higher up so that we can see the boards better.

  7. Sindarov beats Mamedyarov with the Evans Gambit!!!! Are you kidding me? Way to go young man. Show no respect at the chess board!!!

  8. its gonna be 2022, why in the world are these electronic boards lagging behind so bad? Is this a low budget torny or what?

  9. Till the end of championship magnus reaches 2700 elo lol soon..!! Lol

  10. I like these commentators a lot. Irina is just beautiful to behold and Hammer’s enthusiasm is very engaging!

  11. Thanks a million to the two commentators, Krush and Hammer, and to the Polish organizers. Fantastic achievement, with only one or two MINOR 'episodes' during almost one week's play. Simply the best 🎢😊
    I haven't been chess-active in the 21th century, so it took me 2-3 days to accept Hammer's manner of commentating, I must admit, but the last days it worked fine for me πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. Two well-deserved winners in Blitz by the way. Was very impressed by young Assoubayeva's extremely aggressive and courageous play. Didn't know her before this event (my fault), but perhaps her way of playing is best suited for Rapid and Blitz. Time will tell. Kosteniuk – top class πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒ  Was a fan of hers when she was young, about 25 years ago. Great to see her still going strong. And beautiful as ever. Happy New Year to all chess fans 🍹🍾😁

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