Fabiano Caruana TIME ODDS Blitz Chess

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  1. 29:30 Fabi "This is very safe, I think… Wait this is not safe at all." I don't know why but this made me laugh hard.

  2. Great spirit in Caruana – he doesnt mind losing, drawing….

  3. Hey guys how does he give time odds? Is there a way? Can anyone explain to me, because I always thought chess.com doesn't have an option for giving time odds…?

  4. When you say -40 you don’t have to specify whether it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius

  5. It's so unassuming he's the second best in the world

  6. Eric: "Are there any new year's resolutions you'd like to share with this stream?"
    Fabiano: "Nah, I don't believe in those."

  7. Instead of prepping for the candidates he is here goofing off. And he still managed to win the tourney

  8. How am I only just finding this!? This is awesome! Go fabi!

  9. looks like 2 gays playing…. where are the girls?????

  10. I'd be so proud if I was the 2300 player, 2 draws in a row with Fabi at time odds.

  11. 1:30 instead of one minute and Fabi probably would have won many more games. Also would have been even better to watch, but cred to Fabi accepting such a challenge .

  12. If Fabi draws IM Semperfil with time odds Fabi can DESTROY him at least 20-0 in regular time.

  13. Fabiano: Fuu… oh sorry is it family friendly?
    Eric thinking about his streams losing to hikaru 30 times in a row: no not at all

  14. Caruana hold draw against these players,
    But I assure Aman could have won all these games.

  15. heeee is a machineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Bro watching Favi lose/draw to 2300 and 2500s is actually sad. :/

  17. Fabi is such a nice guy.. I would hate to see what foul atrocities he could commit when angered.

  18. How can I change the time like Eric did a 0:40? I want to play with a lower rated friend who needs more time than I do.

  19. Fabi: you know im a bit shy
    Eric: you're not shy once you get to know someone
    Fabi: little happy simile 🙂

  20. Eric’s face was cracking me up when Fabi resigned the pawn endgame

  21. Maybe he’s the best on classical chest but not good enough in blitz, however classical chest is more important

  22. Fabi is way more hilarious than I thought and I’m loving it

  23. love this old stuff, serious chessbrah mansion vibes

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