FABIANO CARUANA | EPIC Blitz Chess Comeback

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  1. I don't understand … Was Hansen joking or did Caruana really get a lost position at some point ? How is that possible ? Caruana is 2800 !

  2. 3:55 Hahahaha, f*ck those fat ugly unhappy triggered lesbian feminazis

  3. Fabulous game. But 42. …Ka8 ??? That was a big blunder… Kb8 could hold, I guess

  4. fucking unreal how easily he deals with such disgusting position. wow.

  5. when you turn on the subtitiles, you get "fabiano has never tried the thong (lefong) before " 😀

  6. At 3:47 when Caruana says "I think I'm gonna win this one", the engine evaluation is -24 XD

  7. i checked stockfish after qc5 and apparently black has a good checkmate threat that white can only counter with a perpetual

  8. nice ending by fabiano brilliant moves !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “I like to be rough.” -Fabiano Caruana 2017

  10. El comentario del final donde dice que lo puede comparar con David Beckham, demasiado gracioso

  11. 4:52 why not King B8 ?!?!?! the game would continue right ?

  12. Шпроты и сюда добрались

  13. "He's going to have nightmares about this one". Spoken like a cold-blooded killer.

  14. "I'm gonna be a sneaky little bitch", potential World Champion, Fabiano Caruana.

  15. Thank God Caruana got better at rapid time controls…

  16. At 4:49 after Qc5+, if the black king went b8, is there a winning line for white or a draw at max if the black plays correct moves? Thanks! 😃

  17. Who is watching after the World Chess Championship ? Gg Caruana

  18. Its weird to have this common accessibility to the world #2. I wish Caruana was more walled off from mere mortals as it might bring down his game afterall he nearly beat Carlsen and if Magnus hadn't drawn that last game Caruana would have won the world championship!!!

  19. Fabi asking Eric, “I don’t know, is it (Fabi’s butt) squishy?”… and then they remember that Eric actually thinks Fabi’s butt is slippery… indeed

  20. Got out of bed to check my smoke alarm because of the beep at 4:30

  21. at 4:10 stockfish evaluation was -157.4 then blundered when black plays f4

  22. 3:15 "Remember what I said about you, Fabby."
    "What do you say about me?"
    "I said something about your butt, and I don't remember."

  23. Can someone tell the name of the song playing on background in the beginning?

  24. Oh come on how tf do these elite players just pull wins out their ass in a lost position???

  25. It's almost sexy to me how resourceful you are: Eric to Fabi (2017) 👀🛐

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