EVERYONE is Cheating at Chess??????

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  1. I've never cheated nor I wanted to cheat, sooner or later you will be ashamed by cheating. Either you play the game or the game plays you

  2. The cure is worse than the disease. The community's paranoia, especially cryptic unsubstantiated accusations, is more damaging to the game than the actual cheaters.

  3. This lazavik guy is magnus on steroids… Damnit

  4. i would tell my opponents as cheater when i take a loss, it a loser syndrome. totally kramnik has a loser syndrome.

  5. Legitimate cheating is called "Opening Prep." Pretty much a human could memorize up to say the first 25-30 moves of an opening according to what Stockfish tells them to play. You could also get a pretty good idea of the resulting positions, themes, types of moves and tactics that then might arise. You'd also be able to crush moves that are wrong in the early part of the game…

  6. Feels a lot like what happened with cycling when lance was at the top

  7. nowadays its much😅 easier to make an accusation than win a game.

  8. at this point of chess AI boom, why don't they just make another AI to detect cheater

  9. "I can’t imagine how much damage this will do to peoples careers" — let me help you with that: *none whatsoever*.
    When everyone claims everyone is cheating, nobody takes any of it seriously. The only real problem with this world, imo, is that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy which may push people to actually cheat: we often make moral judgments based on what we think everyone else is doing. So if people (particularly young and impressionable ones) are convinced their opponents are cheating, that belief alone will increase the probability of cheating.

  10. Either you bring proof or you stfu. The accusers should get warnings and eventually sued.

  11. Personally, i think that the paranoia partially came from the fact that as you said, chess is mostly an invitation-based ecosystem, and these lower rated players rarely get any invitations into top events. A lot of them are for sure very strong and underrated, and could definitely hold their own, or maybe compete against the top players. And now in the recent years, especially in online chess where they get those opportunities and prove that they are better than their FIDE rating, its just a rare sight for us viewers to see as we are so used to these top guys fight against each other all the time. Cheating in chess is definitely a huge problem, especially online where i literally got 5 notifs in 14 days that someone i played has been caught cheating. For me, cheating in the average player level is rampant, but i dont think its that big of a problem in the gm level as some (like kramnik) might say.

  12. 16:30 I like how Dennis beats Anish by drawing. Literally beating Anish in his own style

  13. Levy should discuss the 2nd game between Nepo and Jospem too. How he pulled out a draw in a difficult objective position with less than 20 seconds.

  14. Great video! I've been thinking a lot about the cheating issues in online chess that you mentioned. One idea I had is for local chess clubs to set up dedicated computers for players to use when participating in online tournaments for prize money. This way, there's a controlled environment, and referees can ensure fair play. It brings back that social aspect of chess too, with players gathering at the local club. What do you think of this solution?


  15. Chess engine implants in the brain. Magnus was the first success in merging AI with human brain for chess, now more players are having the procedure done due it being more affordable. Chess is the perfect medium in measuring the success of such a merger. Its being done in all fields and the technology has been around for decades.

  16. Given that most of the time the OTB performance matches online performance, I'm leaning towards it's just that the gap is closing.

  17. Couldnt do much could also mean that the opponent just played really well, no?

  18. How practical is it to cheat when you're down under 10 seconds?

  19. LEVY is better than my teacher when it comes to explain something out of nothing.

  20. I’m a 700 rated Andy but kramnik just seems like a baby now

  21. Stockfish ruined the chess world
    (Its my opinion)
    It ruined chess more than being useful

  22. Nothing nuts in what Fabi says … note he says chesscom is full of cheaters in the 1800s elo … I agree often paranoia is leading to accusations but it comes from a sure reason too

  23. Similar to on-line poker.. finally some enterprising students from Princeton created an algorithm to analyze the probabilities of outcomes over time. The statistical anomalies proved what many suspected. Chess needs a similar analysis to prove or disprove the accusations being levied (see what I did there)

  24. One day Kramnik will accuse Nepo who actually defended him 😁

  25. This would all be solved with 360 cameras with officials controlling them. No need to worry about angles, or needing 5 cameras to cover every inch of a players house. Put a 360 camera on a tripod in the middle of the room and be done with this.

  26. Someone in the comment section really yapped about how Levy is at fault for brining popularity to Kramnik by bringing up his name 😭😭

  27. How do young kids develop into GMs without getting the cheater tag? if you're improving it might be coz you're talented.

  28. Levy keeps stocking the Kramnik fire.

  29. I see how the first of Ian's tweets MIGHT insinuate cheating, but how does the second tweet, with the messages from MVL?

  30. I think for Ian to be throwing around public allegations about young players is absolutely inexcusable. Kramnik, fine; nobody takes him seriously anymore anyway.

  31. Vladimir Kramnik does these mental gymnastics as an excuse to be bad at the game the truth is kramnik is already far behind the modern day chess players

  32. classical favoured old school GM's playing super aggressive and get punished by a younger and faster rapid/blitz favoured GM then going to X and crying haha

  33. Anyone else still struggling to understand whether Levy is Italian, Spanish or American??

  34. 2 cheaters out of 11… that is great! You should see the Street Fighter 6 online games… 😀

  35. – Super GM plays weird off beat opening to show disrespect to weaker younger GM.
    – Super GM loses the match.
    – Super GM: The opponent is cheating.

  36. This reminds of what the poker world went through in the early 2000s. It was a massive change up from the old guard that learned to play one way, without the aid of being able to brute force play thousands upon thousands of hands a day to learn the math and best strategies in hand situations, plus adding in computers to do the computations on best strategy in each situation. The old guard of poker made a lot of false claims then as the new guard came in and showed that poker had a lot more quality high level players than anyone ever knew about. It also saw the main popularity around that time as well bringing everyone and their siblings to the tables. This feels the same, with online chess exploding the last few yes it is becoming easier and easier for unknown players to get recognized and when they genuinely beat the old guard the old guard is having a hard time accepting it. The accusations aside i honestly can’t blame them, the world that they are sitting atop as the best of the best is crumbling and the “dregs” are being found out to be just as good if not better in some cases.

    No matter what though the baseless accusations need to stop and players need to be punished for them, you accuse someone of cheating with no proof other than he beat so and so, yeah that’s a investigation and then ban for you for a tournament of found to be baseless, if found true ban for the cheater for x months. Idk what the answer is but people really need to start being held accountable for these accusations.

  37. Crazy how anish will always draw with every grandmaster

  38. Clickbait Title because you aren't cheating so there are only somebody who cheating.

  39. Kramnik was not saying Andreiking was cheating, he just said that Andreiking performance online was much below his actual rating comparing with cheaters online

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