EVERYONE is Cheating at Chess??????

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  1. The drama exists because of hacks and opportunists like you trying to get more views. ridiculous

  2. Kramnik is a cheater
    Levy is a cheater
    Magnus is a cheater
    Fabi is a cheater
    Nepo is a cheater
    I am a cheater
    You are a cheater
    Everything is f#cked up, It's the end

  3. I hold everyone accountable for everything for I SEE the future and I know what causes everything! Chess heathens

  4. I like what you said about "People accuse and there's no repercussion".
    Yes. What would satisfy such accusers? I loved the idea of a referee on the person's side. 😂
    But also: the whole sport looses. Chess got such a high in the pandemic and it seems it's more than what players themselves seem to be able to handle. Emotionally.

  5. For the hikaru game he basically brought it onto himself cuz he was trying to play bullet brawl all the time fighting denis so he never really focused onto the chessable

  6. Why does Caruana look as if he's hanging upside down? 🤔

  7. I am here just wanna like my own comment tbh

  8. Well, While the allure of victory in chess can be strong, it's crucial to remember that the essence of the game lies in fair play and sportsmanship. Cheating might bring a temporary win, but in the end, either you win with honor or regret the hollow victory – there's nothing in between when it comes to the integrity of the game.

    Let's Chess 🥂

  9. Isnt online chess like an online test? You can take a lot precautions, but you can never be sure. And perhaps that dount alone is enough for you to perform worse.

  10. This is like MMA where everyone is probably on steroids.

  11. 13:19 "He plays online as well as he does OTB" shouldn't that be the other way around?

  12. Good video. You hit the nail. Everybody is getting paranoia.

  13. Kramnik wakes up real early in the morning so he has more time to be a hater 💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Now the creaters of Deep Blue are regretting their choices…

  15. I definitely think hikaru has cheated a few times before, with no proof or clear evidence, just intuition, it's not an accusation or anything just a thought

  16. Drama like this brings publicity back to the sport though so it's kinda a win-win for you Levy

  17. Yeah only yeah knew it that's gonna happen someday 😮😮😂❤

  18. hey bro i saw u sleeping with vidit in my dream not even kidding

  19. In all seriousness, can someone please explain how: "Couldn't do much", can be interpreted as "I played a cheater today" ? Is this a secret code amongst Chess players these days? I can imagine a post like "I was excited to play some human players today but wasn't able to unfortunately lol" to be more accusatory.

  20. Yo gotham, your thumbnails look so cool lately, congrats to jchessnoob

  21. Please can we move on from this childish nonsense. Just because a few irate GM's rant that doesn't help the world of chess.

  22. Its sad to see the Chess world being tainted by a hysteria of accusing. The one accused always gets oppressed, so its become like some sort of tactic to subjugate those whom could wound your ego or that you envy. Its a huge problem nearly as big as cheating because the accuser always remains priviledged, even when they're wrong. It takes advantage the weaknesses in people's hearts and masks itself as the antidote but it ends up just causing destruction for eventually everyone. It needs to be fixed, so that it doesn't equate to just people using it to oppress, troll, or harass/bully others.

  23. I'd say these are growing pains of a sport reaching commercial puberty/maturity? Not sure this is bad for the sport though. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

  24. im starting to see a russian pattern in all of this. where are the sanctions?

  25. it’s never gonna end, technology nowadays is superior and very easy to comprehend for the above average person with a brain

  26. I'm around 1650 on lichess and I recently played an almost perfect Italian game (going all the way to the endgame), where my opp blundered a bishop, but I used my advantage perfectly. My average centipawn loss was like 14. If I can produce a game like that here and there sometimes, it is obvious, a GM can also do that frequently. Kramniks argument is absolutely pointless

  27. How does the input "Couldn't do much [emoji]" contribute to the output "everyone is talking about cheating"?

    I'm at a loss. I even consulted Wikipedia to figure out if there could be some secret clue in the "Face with Tears of Joy emoji" (to no avail).

    If twitter and such-like is about writing messages such that (somehow) the number of possible interpretations is maximized, how can anyone attach any specific meaning to those messages?

  28. Hikaru fans are calling Jospen a cheater. North amerifans are soooo entirled… respect latin america.

    Nepo lost to himself just like in the worlds. He should retire himself.

  29. In Counter Strike, a (non-professional at the time) player was accused of cheating, specifically on a platform called Faceit. They had him play in a Faceit office to watch him play in order to confirm his performance. So having a player play under surveillance is nothing new. And for top players who are interested in a professional career, this could well be an option.

  30. Isnt it easy? Invite Kramnik and the youngsters and not so younsters he is accusing to an over the board blitz tournament and then look what happens.

  31. Chess is way more popular today, and attracts money. When there is money, there is cheating. The online stuff is not controllable, with AI today you could feed you monitor signal to another computer which reads your board and transmits stockfish reco through some way, like vibratig device or emitting some low coded sounds, e.g. via your smartphone. Anyway, over the board games will settle all this over time.

  32. Kramnik might be going paranoid man. Might be some serious medical issue with him

  33. Less of a gap makes sense to me, since these players grew up with computerchess etc. Not even a 30year old GM can say that

  34. I like to think of the issue with an occam's razor approach. Is it more likely that the top players in the world are repeatedly finding ways to avoid anticheat measures and choosing to cheat and risk their careers. Or that the rating gap is simply closing due to the explosion of online chess. Personally I think the latter.

  35. Hot streaks and cold streaks are very normal in competition. Citing a hot streak of highly accurate games does constitute proof. You need to examine a long record of play because the record may show the player also has cold streaks. If the accused player only has hot streaks and no cold streaks, then I am a bit suspicious. Nepo is a mercurial player who runs hot and cold. I wonder if somebody could cherry pick a sequence of his games that looked "too precise" while ignoring the counter evidence.

  36. I must be accused in cheating with worstfish

  37. Blud i almost win every game with NO CHEATS but i make like 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999blunders and 999999999999999999999999misses so you will hate my game

    Edit: i lied i lose like 68% of my games im trash

  38. Chess players hate each other. Chess is already dead.

  39. I believe cheating is there but i more believe the paranoid is more.

  40. Also there is the factor that many superGMs are using the same strategy as Magnus of playing goofy openings which surprised other lower rated players, and nowadays, it is so common to play goofy openings online that it is getting harder to grasp an advantage out of it.

  41. Honestly your videos are always better than the clickbait title

  42. Im picking up your book at the library tomorrow 🙂

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