EVERYONE is Cheating at Chess??????

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  1. I’m at this point people probably just memorize stockfish moves so they seem to be cheating

  2. The whole online ecosystem of chess in the high ranks is based in trust. If that trust is broken, it will a snowball effect like it's already happening. Everybody throwing shots are everybody, seems difficult to resolve this situation.

  3. Cheating is problem because cheaters only play few moments by computer.

  4. How people cheat on tt if they are under camera surveillance???

  5. It cannot be that too grandmasters all lost their minds about cheaters my friends. It is clear that cheating had become a big deal.

  6. I swear that when everyone accusing of cheating against each other even in the GM Level. This fears that someone is about to end chess for something and I swear that accusation is unfair.

  7. If anyone says "interesting" for any reason…
    Your childhood heroes are disappointed in you.

  8. den laz V hikaru is a TERRIBLE example… hikaru had an insanely bad day that day… even Levy would win against him on that day

  9. Levy shovelling out the content. I can really dig it. He's not afraid to pull up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

  10. Kramnik accusing everyone came to a point where he'll reject trading his son, a mere officer, for a field marshal.

  11. Woke hikaru blundered his games away, nepo though, he was heavily outsmarted while not blundering at all. That's very, very suspicious.

  12. Yes, there is WAY more cheating than people assume. I’m probably going to make a video on this soon.

  13. Look at how prevalent gpt usage is for students who want to get ahead quickly, and don't wanna do it honestly. Now imagine how prevalent engines are in games, and engines being around for decades.

    They look at it as "using a tool". And ofc, they all say they could do it normally

  14. Lazevic is legit imo, but just look at the last rapid and blitz WCC, who led the field? The usual ones, the gap is not closing that much.
    I trust those who are also elite OTB, if the ratings don't match at all it's very sus.

  15. Although I don’t doubt there is also cheating here and there, it’s not weird when someone does much better online than over the board. In any other sport, it is a known issue that when you become pro and play in front of an audience it messes with your psyche. There are sports psychologists specialized in this topic. It’s very well possible that sitting opposite from your opponent instead of alone in your room has that same effect.

  16. AlCÂNtara – the strong syllable is the second one, AFAIK

  17. Of course there's cheaters everywhere, it's like in all other online games, there's boters everywhere. Now the real question is… Does all GM cheat online?

  18. Players need to stop cying every time they lose.

  19. Like you talked about with Danny in the lie detector interview, he thinks cheating is less of an issue than people fear. I believe that.

    The scandals and drama were a terrific boon for chess as a whole… but I think it's starting to flirt with controversy fatigue at this point.

  20. Magnus, Kramnik, Nepo, Fabi… titans of chess. If they are suspicious of some players cheating it must be taken seriously.

  21. I don't know what is more annoying. The chess cheating drama that never ends or europeans using commas instead of periods in their decimals.

  22. It IS too easy to cheat online!,, of course they’re cheating online! The STATS prove it! In-person none of these streamers or GMs could touch the real top tens! I can play my 1500 bots and win, but can’t get above 1100 because every other game my opponent pulls out the last ten games with the strongest moves possible. If we went back to over the board, these kiddie stream winners would be cry baby losers

  23. If that was twenty years ago, Magnus would be accused of cheating by beating Karpov.

  24. Magnus Carlsen seems to be doing quite well. Maybe he's cheating. Interesting.😂

  25. It is ironic that Kramnik is accusing everybody of cheating. In the 2006 FIDE world championship, Topalov accused Kramnik of cheating. Is trying Kramnik trying to get revenge?

  26. Jajajaj how you say the name in Spanish was funny 😅

  27. Kramnik no longer has any credibility at this point. Must be getting senile in his old age. Or too much influence from pooptin.

  28. Personally, I think the accusations look petty without genuine effort to push for changes. Accusing someone is easy. Doing something about it is not. I think it also highlights that there should be more attention paid to opens and non-invitational events. It's a pain how infrequent they are now.

  29. This is the best analysis and explanation about what is happening. Chess has been democratized during pandemia and the gap is closer among players

  30. Whats happening right now for chess is the first folks that learned to bowl a 300 being pissed that others learned to bowl a 300.

  31. At my level of play, no one is going to rig up a scheme to cheat at OTB play and that is all I do now. I do not trust playing humans on the internet. I only use chess sites to see interesting games, do puzzles and keep up with chess news and maybe play a bot… but at least I know I am playing a computer program.

  32. I respect Kramnik, but I think he’s gone too far. Kramnik is not only a chess player but also a public figure and maybe a role model for somebody, and the action freely accusing people cheating like this can set a really bad influence on the entire chess worlds. I’ve been playing chess online for almost a decade and this evening was the first time I got accused for cheating just because I played a little faster than my opponent.

    People see that Kramnik can accuse people for cheating without receiving any consequences and they started doing the same thing.

    Maybe Kramnik wants to do something good for the chess world, but he’s gone too far and now just setting bad examples for his followers.

  33. This topic is extremely important for videogames too!! I feel like cheating in GENERAL is running rampant for all tournaments!!

  34. I lost to Jorden van Foreest yesterday. After every move he would walk away, and do a move again directly when returning to the board, which I found very suspicious. Apparently he did this on 36 boards at the same time. And he won them all! Must be a cheater right?😉 Oh wait.. that is just how a chess simul works🤓

  35. So everybody cheats except when playing Magnus Carlsen

  36. I must say despite thinking that the accusations are stupid, I am not suprised. Ian has always been a sore loser, just look at the WCC

  37. Nepo is absolutely unhinged for those tweets. He lost all of my respect. Imagine having such a big ego that when you lose to a lower rated player you resort to that behavior. I'm glad Ding won the WC match. Oof

  38. Lol, Kramnik is out of control. The problem with accusing every second player of cheating, is that no one will take you seriously the day you actually get it right. The boy who cried wolf

  39. Pretty much every professional athlete is looking for the oportunity to cheat with PEDs. I don't see how chess players would not try to cheat. It is in human nature.

  40. There are no cheaters, but I love your videos where you get people banned for cheating.

  41. levy, you ain't better than kramnik either. you are giving prime airtime to kramnik. at this point kramnik don’t commamd much following and becoming irrelevant. you are making him relevant by giving his garbage airtime. agadmator and lot of other chess channels doesn’t give much airtime to this garbage for cheap content and views and subscribers.

    don’t flame kramnik"s fire which he is failing to ignite himself miserably. I personally hold you responsible for ruining chess rather than popularising it. be better, do better. be like agadmator and others.

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