Crazyhouse variant – Blitz Chess w/ commentary

Crazy indeed is this chess variant. When you capture an enemy piece, you can then use it as your own by dropping it on a vacant square as your move. Crazy yes? Maybe that’s an understatement! I can’t help but be curious about the number of unique Crazyhouse chess games there are. Calling all mathies…get on that! 😀

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  1. more of these please. loved watching it!

  2. I kind of want to see a regular long tournament-time setting game for this. The required reading must be insane.

  3. I'd really like to see more of this! Very cool variant, and great commentary

  4. If you like this variant you should check out shogi.

  5. You should do more of these Jerry, this is great fun.

  6. I played something very similar to this a lot during highschool. In that version you need 4 or 6 people, so there will be 2 or 3 chess boards. if you play 2 chess board version, and if you start with white pieces, your teammate gets the black pieces. When you get a piece, you will give him to your teammate and he can either play any move or place that piece. 3 chess board version is also same, one team has black + white + black and other team has white + black + white. Although it looks like the team that has 2 black has a disadvantage, it is not true. the reason is, that team has white in the middle which means that guy gets pieces from both of his/her teammates and he/she starts as white so he/she will have a huge advantage.

    We called it baby chess but i am not sure if it is right terminology 😀

    btw great vid Jerry

  7. can you play a crazy house tournament

  8. can you play a crazy house tournament

  9. I would love to watch/play this variant in a longer time control. Blitz is way too crazy to know what's going on. This game is deep!

  10. He sounded so sarcastic in the first 40 seconds that i thought it was normal chess but then the piece was captured haha

  11. Try Shogi.. You will stop playing chess and move to Japan to play Shogi…:D 😀 You can not only drop the pieces but  you can also promote your pieces once they enter in enemy's territory..

  12. It's gotta be 10 to the 260th power ish.

  13. Please don't get addicted to Crazyhouse Jerry! There's guys that have been stuck at FICS playing that variant for years. It sucks them in like a black hole…

  14. so the rule about crazy house is that knights are worth 9 points or something like that, just more than they usually are

  15. Even if you apply the 50 move rule, there will be an infinite number of infinitely long crazyhouse games. A game can last forever (it will always be possible to induce the possibility of a capture by making a drop). Now let's assume there is 1 game that is infinitely long, constructed by making random moves, but making sure that from a certaint point there are always 2 pieces in the 'bank'. I can now easily construct another by taking a move where I had a choice between 2 or more drops and pick one I didnt' use. I can even create an infinite number of other games, becouse my constructed game is infinitely long thus there will be an infinite number of choices between drops.

  16. You gotta play this more often,, lot of fun to watch 🙂

  17. this is really funny……. like to play… but no players accepting !!!!!

  18. around turn 17 or 18 he missed a possibility of dropping a rook on H8 and forcing the king to move out of the way for a free queen, instead he dropped a pawn to pressure the corner

  19. Imagine if Mikhail Tal played Crazyhouse. His opponents would die of heart attacks 🙂

  20. May you do a video on Shogi(while replacing the Japanese characters with Latin letters)??


    White was in control up until their 20th turn, where they completely lost advantage. All because they dropped their knight on h4 instead of e7. Later on white's 23th turn, they sealed their fate by moving their king down to e2 instead of pulling away to d1 (where they could have recovered).

    From there on, it became a mate in # situation.

    Also worth mentioning from that game is the clever bait black put out on their 26th turn.

  22. anyone done the math on how many unique games there are yet?

  23. I just noticed, can you place the pawn the enemy's last file and promote?

  24. pretty sure since you can kill and bring pieces back to life, there actually is an infinite number of unique crazyhouse games as you can trade pieces back an forth an arbitrarily large amount of times without actually developing progress towards winning

  25. Hey man you are a time burner. I have 3 exams tomorrow. But I'm still watching your videos 🙁 if i'm pass these exams, 1 years is flying like fly:/

  26. I'm just guessing but there should be infinitely many games of crazyhouse. This is because each piece can be reincarnated infinite times in a single game. This creates no end to the length of some games, so we can pick just one of those infinitely long games. This gives us infinitely many possibilities/variations based on that single infinitely long game.

    How? A way to get all these variations could be to just list out the infinite moves of that single game. Then you can have infinite games where each games completes all the moves up to the current move listed out. Then on the next move, make a different move than the original game and play out the rest of the game. This will give us an infinite list of different games even if they differ by 1 move from the original infinite game.

    And of course there's much more than the variations to that single game that we can count, but infinity + 1 is still infinity so there's no need.

  27. "I wonder how many unique games of Crazy House there are. Who's gonna do the math on that?" Delivered in a deadpan, most hilarious thing I've heard all week. Great channel, unexpectedly fun. Chess is a game after all, right?

  28. Was crying for you to drop the rook for a free queen

  29. The strength of all possible drops in these unresticted rules(when you could check or even checkmate by drop, put pawns anywhere) seems to be much more than one of the usual moves. Thus it is obvious that first, the rules should be adjusted further beyond this simple variant and the second is that the play of anybody is probably so suboptimal. I mean that maybe ALL moves in those games which played by everbody are actually bad ones or even blunders with respect to the right theory of unrestricted Crazyhouse chess.

  30. Cant you just capture a pawn, drop it on the other side of the board and promote it to a queen?

  31. I was like "come on hurry up rook up to the left, check the king, take the queen, come on hurry up!" and then you end up doing it 😀 I thought it was funny how you spend so much time and not worry about it, but ended up winning 😛 cool

  32. Missed Dropping Rh8 nd winning a queen instead of dropping h6

  33. How could it be your time stoped at 00:09.1 in 2-3 last step?

  34. If the number of possible chess games is like 10 to the millionth power (more or less), the number of possible crazyhouse games has to be something like 10 to the trillionth power, give or take a few.

  35. @6:27 – Says it like an evil person in a movie, "Yeah I'm definitely going to drop a pawn." hehehe

  36. right after u said knights are special in this varient, u let him have a knight

  37. In shogi most pieces move so locally that dropping captured pieces is more balanced. With chess rules i dont think the drop rule works as well.

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