Crazyhouse Blitz Chess Tournament [181]

This is a speed chess (Crazyhouse) tournament (Sanguineti) I competed in on while livestreaming on . Time controls are 3 minutes per player with a 2 second increment. The tournament is 1 hour long.



  1. It's amazing to see how you're getting better and better throughout the tournament. Great job!

  2. This variation is like a single player of bughouse, which is also very fun to play with a teammate.

  3. I guess crazyhouse brings "having the bishop pair" to a whole new level. can you imagine a 4B vs 4N endgame?! Well, you probably never get that far.

  4. It's interesting, I play a lot of bughouse, and I find with normal chess Jerry sees tons of things that I don't, but with this crazyhouse I'm constantly noticing things he doesn't.

  5. First game move 18 you could've taken knight then dropped a pawn to fork the 2 white bishops.

  6. More more more more. This crazy house stuff is like finding out about sex after jerking off all the time as a teenager 😀

  7. I'm only saying this because you said "bishops aren't that good of a piece" at 57:30 or so, but you missed mate at 51:55, Bishop drop anywhere along the f1-a6 diagonal led to mate, tricky knights!! Probably why they resigned

  8. Another great video Jerry. I don't think you will mind me telling your viewers that there are some excellent brand new crazyhouse tournament videos by "Atrophied". With dual commentary too. Atrophied is awesome. He is a crazyhouse specialist who calculates tactics like a machine.

  9. It's been a week since last crazyhouse. It's madness!

  10. Haha I would like to see an engine evaluate this. My guess is that 50% of the moves are big blunders.

  11. This definitely is a great variant, mimicking Shogi. @32:20 you could've just dropped the rook at H8 for mate though.

  12. wasnt antoncubed the guy who scholared you?

  13. When are the MADHOUSE tournaments coming (= crazyhouse + Fischer Random aka 960)?

  14. I think at 31:43 you could've sacrificed the queen for mate: Bh6, then black moves Bg4, then white moves #Pf7

  15. At 1:20, you could have played e5, Bxe5 doesnt work as Nxe5, dxe5 Qxd8+ Kxd8 and u get to drop a queen on f8 with check!

    And if he doesn't capture but moves the bishop then you are playing exd6 with a discovered attack on g7

  16. At 32:25, its check mate at knight drop on H6. Correct me if I am wrong 🙂

  17. I want Tal to be reincarnated just to play Crazyhouse 😀

  18. At minute 7:22 was that a mashup or just you burping at the same time of saying the word? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!
    P.S. Did you say yikes? (because YEET!! sounds a lot more energized.)===== LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL AGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

  19. 35:06 pawn drop in front of the king, hitting the queen and if it moves, rook in between king and queen?

  20. I think this was the 1st time you got to play VS Ferrari? if its the same one that you NOW have played so many times?

  21. Haha, back when you didn't know who ferrari was!

  22. I have finally found myself… so great.

  23. Why does your number for your rating always seem to have a question mark by it?

  24. Am I the only one that feels that Crazyhouse is too unfair in favor of white side? The game just seems like a race and white gets a head start in that race.

  25. WTF was that thumnail black has 3 light square bishops

  26. I've recently been in a bit of a slump with my game, but Jerry that first game was embarrassing XD pawn drop m8 ftw!

  27. That's the complexity of Shogi right there lol

  28. 57:30 "Bishops aren't that good of a piece"

  29. Pawns and knights can be very dangerous in this chess version…

  30. "Epic comeback starts right here. Watch out for Peyton Manning!"

  31. I woulld suggest the rule of prohibitting any drop on the opponent side(white allowed only 1-4, black only 5-8, maybe even more severe like 1-3 and 6-8) and any drop with a check(no forced variant beginning with a drop).

  32. I am itching to watch you play atomic chess

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