CLO: Brooklyn in Da House! GM Maurice Ashley plays time-odds blitz!

Companion video to November Chess Life Magazine (pg. 30-35) interview with GM Maurice Ashley. Read more about this game at Chess Life Online:

Ashley starts with just 90 seconds to his opponent’s 5 minutes.

Played in Fulton Park, Brooklyn, August 25, 2012


  1. I didn't know there where cities that didn't have chess i. They parks

  2. ashley only got 1min30sec on his clock while hustler got 5min!

  3. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm,mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm,MMMMMM!!!! Beautiful!

  4. Mo cranking up the pressure relentlessly on the queen side. Impressive speed play.

  5. people who castles both hands are not chess playaah

  6. His opponent put up one heck of a fight. Well done

  7. There is a nice moment in this game : at 3:00 …Bxd4 seems to win at least a crucial pawn for black since Bxd4 Rxe1 loses the rook…but then Ra8+ Kh7 Rh8# and white wins !
    Maurice maybe wanted to play Bxd4 but after some calculations he placed his bishop back on g7 and played Bf6 instead.

  8. It's not a chess match unless everyone watching is coughing.

  9. This radio they bumping straight out of a GTA game.

  10. Who is this guy with the hair on his head?

  11. what! you're not gonna show us out it ends?!

  12. Who's the guy sharing Maurice's seat? Geez.

  13. I love that they’re still listening to this funky old school shit in 2012 in NYC

  14. Anyone else watched Queens gambit and now watching random chess videos 😅😅😅😅

  15. The music in the background was sweet haha especially at the bishop move in the end

  16. he should play untl the end, one move one second, the time will run out

  17. At 3:00 ..Rxa5 was a nice tactical shot as it seems Bishop can win pawn on d4 due to pin on rook on e1. Maurice even picks bishop but then realises that there is a nice tactical shot .. if Bxd4 then Bxd4 Rxe1 Ra8+ Kh7 followed by Rh8# is checkmate..he realises that, therefore puts the bishop back down and says "How can you do that"? Later at 3:40 however he does get the same Bxd4.

  18. And now realise I need to go back home to New York to improve my game

  19. When having time odds avoid all exchanges for as long as possible play passively ,then throw in an exchange sacrifice to slow him down if he is attacking. He will then have to burn more time to find another attacking path to checkmate and so on hoping to to survive

  20. Dude had a chance if he didnt play that king move which didnt even make sense. Could've just doubled the rooks.

  21. Man I was just jammin and really wasnt watchin lol😗🎤🎵🎹🎶

  22. Of course there as to be loud random music in the park… of course –.–

  23. that must of been annoying having someone sit right next to the grand master

  24. This isn't just chess in park…..this is pro players in the park. Probably NYC. (Edit) I used to live in NJ, and drive to NYC just to play chess all day , stay one night, and play the next day then drive home.

    The most smart, clever, intelligent, and sophisticated players in London.
    1 Speakers’ Corner,
    Free Speech Area,
    Hyde Park,
    Marble Arch,
    London W2 2EU

  26. why are there no black world champions in chess? a lot of coincidence .

  27. Honestly idk how to play chess but looks fun

  28. S/O to the Henny commercial, it got me here.

  29. moral to the game guarded up pretty good but Ashley did it a little bit better

  30. I know how to do En Passant. That makes me one level above a total beginner.

  31. This is the best background chess music I’ve ever heard.

  32. I really like and respect GM Maurice A. Since seeing his game with Wilson .

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