“Clever idea” – Artemiev is impressed with Carlsen’s opening preparation | World Blitz 2022

Everyone was looking forward to the encounter between Artemiev and Magnus Carlsen at the World Blitz 2022. That’s because Artemiev had beaten Carlsen in the World Rapid just a day ago. How would Magnus react? Check out the game and also the very nice conversation that both the players have after the duel. “Clever idea” is how Artemiev talks about Magnus’ opening and compliments him. Clearly he is one of the most well-mannered GMs out there.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I haven’t seen gentleman on left yet, greatest respect between these two is evident.

  2. I like to watch cheess but its funny couse i dont get a shet when they shake hands, I have no idea who won haha or if was a draw

  3. If Artemiev tried to out-muscle me with that handshake, I'd have to dislocate his rotator cuff.

  4. I love Artemiev's suit. He looks so cute for real. A very strong super GM too

  5. artemiev succs i saw how he couldve mated

  6. I lovfe Magnus tho cuz wen he gets another GM that just wants to learn and doesn't just walk away after matches he's very friendly and informative….

  7. so stressful to watch how magnus take of his jacket and place his ponds while his chrono is already losing time at the beginning like he doesnt care lmao

  8. Artemiev is such a gentleman. Always polite and respectful.

  9. These two are Grand Masters of hair…..elite club

  10. i like your videos, the titles.. are ridiculous ^^ keepupthegoodwrk

  11. Position always looked dry, Magnus was playing for a draw

  12. im new to chess really. what just happend? who won?

  13. I've been watching magnus videos and I dont even know how to play chess lol

  14. Artemiev is that super smart, nerdy, brutally honest guy from the neighboring class.

  15. This is the World Champion that has bad attitude. Kasparov, fischer is more better. If I is Arthemiev, I will push him by psiko war move.

  16. Artemiev actually knows how to shake hands like a man.

  17. I always want to hear what Dubov says, even if he only appears for a second, no matter what GMs the video features, its like I catch Dubov for one second and I wish I could hear it.

  18. I didn't know Newt from fantasy beast was a GM

  19. So i stared at the board at the end and still don't get who won and how?

  20. Artemiev seems to be a very nice person.

  21. Can we update chess as a game

    Draw is not exciting

  22. I like artemiev more and more , and im impressed with how he performed these last days

  23. Sorry but I am completely illiterate in matters of chess, although fascinated by these phenomena. Who won?
    Thank you

  24. Non-chess player here, what happened, how did they both know it was over so early?

  25. Could someone please explain the ending of the game?

  26. Was there realy no chance of either to get a win? They clearly see stuff way ahead of what i do. LoL

  27. Arteimev : shhhhhhhshhhhhh…
    Magnus : shhhhhhhhshhhhh…

    Its all , i wanted to hear my all life

  28. Artemiev and Magnus always have the best handshakes. So satisfying to hear that POP!

  29. I see people in the comments trying to understand why they went for a draw instead of continuing to play the game out. What I think may have been the case is neither player had an equally good or better move. Both players, if not repeating their move, only had worse moves left as options which would leave them in a weaker position. So they chose to draw instead.

    With that being said, I'm still trying to figure out why white didn't castle at 3:00. Instead, Artemiev put Carlsen's King in check, which seemed to accomplish nothing except maybe weakening the king's rook by forcing the king away from it. But still, why that move and not the castle?

    EDIT: I’ve been reading that draws in GM games are very common, for a few reasons. Sometimes it’s the safest play, especially when money is on the line. Chess players aren’t supported as heavily through sponsorships like other “sports athletes” are, to the extent that they even have to pay their own way to these tournaments, pay for room and board, and food.

  30. Artemiev is using a weird hair shampoo.

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