“Clever idea” – Artemiev is impressed with Carlsen’s opening preparation | World Blitz 2022

Everyone was looking forward to the encounter between Artemiev and Magnus Carlsen at the World Blitz 2022. That’s because Artemiev had beaten Carlsen in the World Rapid just a day ago. How would Magnus react? Check out the game and also the very nice conversation that both the players have after the duel. “Clever idea” is how Artemiev talks about Magnus’ opening and compliments him. Clearly he is one of the most well-mannered GMs out there.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Artemiev’s suit and how he handshaked Carlsen, I thought I was watching “Artemiov” from USSR in a chess game of the 1970s.

  2. Can somebody explain what happened for them to stop? Did Magnus win or was it a draw?

  3. So what was the clever idea? Was it a forced draw or something?

  4. Just curious, cause I'm completely ignorant, @ 2:24 how is he able to move 2 pieces at a time?

  5. I know so little about chess, I can't even tell who won 😂

  6. Still trying to figure out when and how these games end.. Is that a draw offer from Magnus? And why can't one of them want to stay and win?

  7. Can anyone explain to me why it's a draw? Why don't they just finish?

  8. Artemiev is so respectful of everyone.. He is a pure gem of a human being clearly!

  9. Both mfs need to go to the tailor their shoulders and not fitted well enough for the suit

  10. Who knows what chess pieces they use? maybe staunton 7?

  11. Proof that thinking doesn't make you bald !

  12. Uhh I feel like a noob but who won, the right guy seemed like he was attacking more 😂

  13. Magnus starting the game then taking off his coat and arranging pieces while the timer ticks was a power move damn

  14. I like how Carlsen spends his time facing foward his pawns

  15. This is how chess players should act like, Nepo watch and learn.

  16. could someone explain what caused the game to end after artemiev moves his bishop at 4:13? It doesn't seem like anyone is in a stalemate or in check.

  17. This channel would be so much better if you put a board in the upper corner of the screen so we can tell what is going on easier.

  18. Dude on left is the chessiest looking dude ever lol

  19. Обязательно в начале надо воды попить

  20. Can some explain what happened i am new to chess cant figure it out

  21. So Magnus lost?
    He shook the other guys hand first?

  22. Would like to know what they were talking about

  23. Every video I see of this mangus he always arrives late. Part of his gamesmanship

  24. I don't even know what happened lol. Who won?!

  25. I dont event understand chess, why i still watching chess game over and over

  26. Кинолёд &Сериальное Пламя says:

    When you play with Magnus Carlsen and he initiates a draw by repetition you know you’re hell of a chess player

  27. I’m not being a stickler but isn’t the case that once you touch a piece you must move that piece?

  28. Artemiev can destroy your hand in a handshake literally.
    What humble, polite and gentlemen chess player. 👍🏻

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