Classical Chess or Blitz Chess?

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  1. Yan so funny speak on english ,like a monkey russian πŸ˜‚

  2. His personality which is respected by me…! πŸŽ‰
    Wonderful Russian chess player in same age of Magnus Carlsen…!

  3. This is why classical remains the pinnacle of chess. It holds the highest esteem and the glory for its players. Money as well.

  4. There is one thing to say, he won the candidates.

  5. Dota 22222222? Nobody try it please

  6. So nepo might be better than carlsen at puzzles in say theres a mate in 4 or 5

    But carslen is better at avoiding scenarios where there is such a mate, until the endgame where his focus is better and there is mate in 10 or so moves.

  7. Classical 9LX > Blitz 9LX.
    Classical chess < Blitz chess.

  8. β€œIt leaves all the beauty behind” what a statement

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