Chess24 Banter Blitz Chess with Kingscrusher

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  1. I have noted in your vids your 1. e3 for some time. Being a French player (novice) I once went thru a phase playing 1. a3 (Anderson's opening) as White hoping for Black to play 1 … e5 where upon I would play 2. e3 and push the French agenda. Mixed results, but I was able to use my Black French knowledge, as you say. I may try your more direct approach soon. Thanks!

  2. Great video! But I still wish we had more Li chess bullet…..Those are my absolute favorite videos to watch on YouTube.

  3. You missed rh8+ and capture of his rook:/!

  4. A great show a ever. The wins against aldisto and kramnikstudent were both very good. The two FMs showed why they have the title, but i Wonder aginst shellingford you posistion collapsed after he pushed the h pawn whilst Your gpawn was pinned, however he played this a move early you could have taken the rook on d8 With check and then  the g pawn is unpinned when he takes back, maybe there is something i am missing. e3 inspired much fear indeed, as an older player i can tell you that what happens when you pass fourty is not playing safer: it is buying new slippers, and of course bragging that they are dunlop. Seriously thanks for all the fun and education.

  5. Can't express how grateful I am for your efforts. You are at a GM level, even if not in chess [yet]. I have spoken.

    Blessings and many thanks

  6. 1:42:00 two legal moves: Nb7, Kb8

    Nb7 = mate in 2

    just in case you wanted to go computer style and throw your pieces in front of the mate hehe

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