Chess with Ben Finegold Volume 2 (Blitz Chess)

CHESS with Ben Finegold


Video footage of a younger Ben Finegold. His familiar sense of humor is evident throughout this video series, although he isn’t quite as animated.

The full DVDs are available at

Please take note of the “Playback Instructions” file.


  1. kinda interesting how ben says he doesnt recommend blitz or bullet chess to the average player, and nowadays blitz and bullet are way more popular than anything slower

  2. Playing for Tricks – with the Finegold kids!

  3. The first recorded statement of 'trick are for kids.'

  4. Wow GM Finegold was #2 in the world in Blitz chess!?

  5. Don't walk into a fork… in chess or in real life.

  6. This is like me and my brother, except our games take about 2 hours and quality wise are still a lot worse then a Finegold 1min game.

  7. Ben Finegold made Fischer look like Bogoljubov.

  8. Fen binegold playing bullet before it was even a thing

  9. Ben you look like the infamous Italian Maffia boss "Cattivo Scacchinivi!"

  10. I refuse to believe that Ben was once young

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