Chess Stream #124 Blitz!! LiChess Blitz Session

Checkmate ends the game…

check it out!

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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  1. We love you Simon! Most entertaining chess streamer out there!

  2. Best of luck, Simon. Rooting for you and hopefully additional OTB play soon

  3. the biggest chess player in britain, cheers once again Simon love the content (y)

  4. 27:40 Capablanca – Tartakower endgame where capa sacs 2 pawns for king invasion comes to mind!

  5. You’re easily the best chess streamer

  6. You are the anti Radjabov and we love you for it 🙂

  7. I’m trying to sign up on GChess, but it’s not accepting my attempts. 😳😭 I will try again later—love the stream, esp the banter; I’m going to look again at the Dutch defense. 👍🏼

  8. You get so much fun from the game. For me it is a combination of air punching and furniture smashing, but what to do when addicted?

  9. You're my favourite GM. Keep being awesome, Levy.

  10. believe it or not plural of mouse is mouses.

  11. The name and rating of your opponent are very hard to read on my laptop, could you make them bigger in future videos. Thanks.

  12. Question: Has G-chess something to do with G-spot?

  13. At 23:25 literally one of the funniest comments I've ever heard on a chess stream: "Let's get on top of this guy now. Not literally, that'd be a bit weird." LMAO! British understated humor takes the cake again.

  14. that really pisses me off when people offer a draw when they're losing. why would you do that? i really don't understand

  15. “the point in this position is you basically throw everything at your opponent’s king and hope something lands” 😂😂😂

  16. Hey Simon and Team! I love when your videos have chapter markers in YouTube… so I made them for you! I think you just need to edit the video description to have the following:

    00:00:00 – Welcome
    00:07:40 – English Defense vs Thunder-In-Paradise
    00:13:15 – Slav Defense: Geller Gambit vs Thunder-In-Paradise
    00:16:58 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Huisl Variation vs Thunder-In-Paradise
    00:23:05 – King's Gambit Accepted: Bishop's Gambit, Cozio Variation vs Thunder-In-Paradise
    00:28:51 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Huisl Variation vs Thunder-In-Paradise
    00:30:34 – Queen's Gambit Declined: Charousek Variation vs Player711
    00:33:19 – Dutch Defense: Rubinstein Variation vs No_signs_of_V
    00:38:01 – Sicilian Defense: Wing Gambit, Marshall Variation vs SHEFFFF
    00:42:58 – Queen's Pawn Game: Morris Countergambit vs noggis
    00:47:52 – Horwitz Defense vs Ellemerter
    00:51:55 – Queen's Gambit Accepted: Normal Variation, Traditional System vs Ellemerter
    00:58:12 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Huisl Variation vs Ellemerter
    01:04:18 – Queen's Gambit Declined: Neo-Orthodox Variation vs No_signs_of_V
    01:08:28 – Sicilian Defense: Moscow Variation vs Licenciadomate
    01:13:31 – French Defense: Knight Variation vs lavr64
    01:17:43 – Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation, Classical Variation, Battery Variation vs Fantastic_power06
    01:23:27 – Queen's Gambit Declined: Neo-Orthodox Variation vs Fantastic_power06
    01:29:59 – Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation, Fianchetto Variation vs Fantastic_power06
    01:34:03 – Englund Gambit vs Fantastic_power06
    01:38:04 – Alekhine Defense: Normal Variation vs KAVO_LIDER

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