Chess Queen Kosteniuk vs Indian princess Vaishali | World Blitz 2021

Alexandra Kosteniuk is a tremendous blitz player. Vaishali is one of the best upcoming talents from India. The game between the two was going to be a very exciting one! Kosteniuk opened the game with 1.e4 and Vaishali responded with the Sicilian. Sicilian Alapin was Kosteniuks choice. Check out this game from the World Blitz 2021 to find out who came out on top!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Impresionante esta partida, me gustó la serenidad y la inteligencia de Vaishali. Y Kosteniuk es toda una experta, tiene todos los ases bajo la manga. Dos grandes campeonas.

  2. Pls say why the bishop didn't take the pawn when it pushed

  3. Интересная игра.Спасибо за обзор.Наши -Победили!!!Ура.Браво.Успехов.Удачи

  4. Correct! She's truly Indian princess.
    And Humpy Ma'am is our queen👑

  5. 9:23 Even if the position seems completely winning for White after Bxa7 (of course the sacrifice can't be accepted because the c pawn would promote) but Bxh2 looks like a blunder, Bc7 makes it more challenging for White: they must play several moves (for example Bc5, b4, b5 and b6) to kick the bishop from there.

  6. Strange: a game on YouTube of Kosteniuk where she wins…….

  7. Alexandra Kosteniuk in open section will be place 32,,,,,

  8. If she played a6 or a5 she whould have defended her pawn at the same time winning white's pawn when the bishop was attacking it

  9. Brilliant game by both.

    Congratulations to the beautiful Alexandra Kostenuik 💐🔥😘

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